Of the same latitude and China national people also wear long Johns?


online there is a widespread posts: Cub18 of the respect Mr Saeed, you wear long Johns?” (hereinafter referred to as “are you wearing long Johns”). This article, a universal surprised, American culture and modest shocked everyone. According to the summary of long Johns information, this paper points out the foreigners almost don’t wear long Johns, this phenomenon also proposed & other; Author of mulberry Obama==wear long Johns=Japan South Korea old man=British loser=France in the 1950 s farmers & throughout; This formula. Foreigners really stubborn, so would rather cold wear long Johns?

in order to take care of different language habits, we decided to introduce what is Johns: long Johns, also called underpants, tiger, is wear pants out used for keeping warm cotton or polyester trousers, the length of the more general to the ankle. With the matching & other; Long & throughout; , sleeve length to the wrist. In English is called & other; Long underwear” Or & other; Long johns” .