Official retirement: li interests writing give the payment

there is no official, out of danger, it was su dongpo. Is different from the ancient officials retired royal, and now the officials after leaving office, on the premise of take good care of yourself, many still will heat the social public affairs. Since China’s reform and opening up, China’s senior cadres to further improve the retirement system. For many retired official retirement mode are also quite different. Some people choose books, some to colleges and universities and other institutions continue to play a waste heat, also somebody up rural put his ideas into life & hellip; & hellip; To this, the scholar said, only when more & other; Officials become civilians throughout the &; Become the norm in life, to reflect the overall progress of a society.


& other; High-level political decisions throughout the &; Transparent

in recent years, some retired politicians began writing personal experience. The party and the state former leader li, interests, li lanqing, etc are published personal work after they retire. In some parts of the book, some years in thinking and the beauty of a number of significant events is restored, some big decisions inside is also disclosed. This phenomenon has been summarized as & other; Political transparency in gradually improve, open China’s official retirement a new way of life throughout the &; . Their writings to observe China’s political, social, provides a necessary reference frame.

from 2003 to 2003, li has published “the volunteers painted future & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; li three gorges diary” started to develop & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; li nuclear diary “power to advance & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; li power diary” legislation and supervision & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; li peng’s diary and other four works an implicative meaning memory. Among them “the painted future & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; li three gorges diary is considered to be China’s first memoir topicality.

according to the xinhua news agency reported in August 2003, puts forward the three gorges project from the beginning of last century, the power to the three gorges hydropower station, the first batch of hydro-generator units, after a long 85. Li served as vice premier of the state council in June 1983, of the three gorges project in the process of leadership team leader, participated in, the major problems of the three gorges project decision-making and organization work, and 15 in 1982 to 2002 to examine the three gorges. In more than 20 years, he recorded this period of history.

“the painted future & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; li three gorges diary book, decide the fate of the three gorges project is on January 19, 1985, in the construction of guangdong daya bay nuclear power plant after the contract signing ceremony, ask for details of the three gorges project. & other; I had served as vice premier of the state council, the three gorges project in the process of leading group leader. Comrade deng xiaoping pointed out: after hearing my report & lsquo; The three gorges is exceptionally large engineering project, want to consider long-term interests, we should leave some good things for future generations. & rsquo; & lsquo; Low dam project is bad, zhongba plan is good, can proceed from now on. & rsquo; Throughout the &;

interests after retirement, one of the most public attention are also out of a book, titled “learning with philosophy”. This book includes interests since 1981 in tianjin and the relevant articles and speeches of the central work, record the interests to learn and use the experience of the marxist philosophy. The book editor, renmin university of China publishing house, deputy chief editor to recall, & other; Said chief (interests), & lsquo; This is the most important thing in my life, a record of my work in the understanding of marxism, in the work to master the principle and philosophy of way of thinking. & rsquo; He attaches great importance to this book. Throughout the &;

li lanqing began after the retirement from the beginning of 2003. According to a report in public, he has written two books, one is the li lanqing education interview, remember when experience; The other one is the li lanqing music writing, the popularity of music knowledge.

in the west, the memoir is the fastest way to make money, the outgoing senior officials once they step down again obtain employment problem, so often front foot step down politics, hind feet went into publishing house. And li peng and interests, li lanqing, such as former party and state leaders, are donated to the payment, such as li will be 3 million yuan to the China education development foundation.

for some of the works, according to professor Benjamin Yang, of renmin university of China institute of international relations, the author to & other; No officer of the people are major social and political events & throughout; Not only will age & other; High-level political decisions throughout the &; Transparent, more to let people see their individuality language life and emotion, embodies the individuation of the self, & other; It is a kind of political demands, with obvious & lsquo; Self reporting on activities & rsquo; So a kind of biography. Throughout the &;

coach college

out of politics & other; A third way & throughout;

in retired deputy provincial above senior cadres, a lot of people after retirement, energy, also is quite good, they tend to the important position in all sorts of social organizations, continue to play a heat. There are many officials choose pick up the pointer, teaching in colleges and universities.

in November 2005, school of journalism, renmin university of China opened 50 anniversary of the former state council information office director zhao took office, dean of school of journalism, renmin university.

analysts believe that zhao served as dean of National People’s Congress news makes the three elite tsinghua and Peking University and dean of National People’s Congress news on level rise to & other; Ministerial & throughout; , into the top & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; After the National People’s Congress news although education has a long history, but in hired news practice department senior leadership be hospital leadership, has been left behind & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Tsinghua university was founded in April of 2002, school of journalism &communication, namely hiring a former editor in chief of People’s Daily Fan Jingyi as director of the institute. Similarly, a month later than tsinghua university Beijing university school of journalism &communication, hired former President by the People’s Daily, the all-china journalists association, chairman of the sixth Shao Huaze do dean.

in 1998, zhao qizheng transfer foreign propaganda director of the office of the central committee of the communist party of China, director of the state council information office, is the communist party of the sixteenth central committee. During information office work, he push press conference of the state council institutionalization, promote the government information disclosure, at all levels of government press spokesman system from scratch. He foreign media called & other; Pudong zhao & throughout; , & other Chinese showbiz eristic & throughout; .

the more called zhao scholar officials. & other; I compare with zhao qizheng, heard him speak in the international situation, he repudiated and clarify some reports in the aspects of China’s nuclear weaponry to distort and attacks, not shout the slogan of general, really is the scholar officials, feeling his study is very deep. Throughout the &; Zhao has always been a concern of foreign performance, director of the China institute of international studies zhen-gang ma told reporters.

in 2003, fudan university has also usher in a former top officials in popularity in China & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; As school of international relations and public affairs and the problems of the institute.

long yongtu said frankly, for fudan university to & other; Colorful silk balls & throughout; , he thought for a long time, finally decided to accept sum, mainly is the phase of fudan rich research resources, can become the boao strong intellectual support. As secretary-general, he will also be able to put the most hot topics in the world, this provided to fudan study, the research achievements and the latter to boao, towards the world. He called this is & other; Boao Asia BBS strategic alliance with domestic famous universities, & lsquo; Win-win & rsquo; On-line & throughout; .

in recent years, some senior Chinese officials, after retirement or choose to enter colleges and universities as adjunct professor, a professor at renmin university of China hai-bing gu will this date back to the 1980 s some of the state ministries and commissions and joint school affiliated colleges and universities, some officials began to serve as part-time professor. In addition, this choice is becoming a trend & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Former Chinese ambassador to France wu after leaving office, serving as a diplomatic dean; Former deputy minister of finance jin after retirement, become a guest professor of henan university and at the same time as a doctoral supervisor & hellip; & hellip; More and more officials left the leading cadres from the older one line, the traditional path, such as various social organizations or associations, some analysts believe that this created the officials fade & other A third way & throughout; .

for this from the officials to the change of the scholars, zhen-gang ma think more natural, he once took five & other; More & throughout; To sum up & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; & other; Face area and research more open and in-depth, more detached, more forward-looking, constructive, and contributes to an understanding of all aspects of people’s real ideas, refine some ideas and Suggestions. Throughout the &;