Officials in the pre-qin and han dynasties to the emperor to play things to mouth contain spices (FIG.)

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song official kiln powder blue glaze plum borneol grain three-legged furnace

a night pear flower, sweet culture hangover.

nowadays China incense cultural history, the general said: & other; Began in the spring and autumn, grew up in the han, complete in tang dynasty, the heyday in the song dynasty. Throughout the &; In fact, with fragrant & other; Began & throughout; Or dates back to the late neolithic age and the spring and autumn period, a number of works, only on the central plains custom with perfume, made a record.

it should be said that ancient behavior, with ointment from physiological instincts & other; Began & throughout; That said “rites” & other In addition amount to shikimic smoked throughout the &; . But as you can imagine, it shares soaring in the sky & other Cigarette & throughout; , will inevitably make incense person generation & other; Heaven & throughout; , & other Gas & throughout; , & other The patriarch & throughout; , & other Undead & throughout; Category and & other; ZuYuan memory & throughout; Consciousness, related to physical customs to metaphysical consciousness with ointment. The ancient Chinese on & other; Gas & throughout; The interpretation and grasp.

the ancients to & other; Gas & throughout; Consciousness, which may be occurred the earliest in the & other; Bird & throughout; For the totem of the ancient Chinese ethnic group. By & other; Bird & throughout; The & other; Fly & throughout; Producing & other; Day & throughout; The space consciousness and & other Throughout the &; The orientation of the cognitive, close and gradually formed ethnic ancestors came from & other; Throughout the &; Party & other; Day & throughout; This & other; ZuYuan memory & throughout; . But & other; Day & throughout; Too big too, unable to grasp. However, & other; Day & throughout; Can from the hot summer and cold winter & other Gas & throughout; To feel, can from haze hovers over to observe, the more can go to grasp from the incense smoke. As a result, yan descendants of the ancient shu di qiang people, is likely to be the first to & other; Day & throughout; Consciousness, cognition, experience, more can grasp & other Gas & throughout; To deduce. & other; Gas (mount Kilimanjaro, b) & throughout; Became a major groups of ancient Chinese surnames. The ethnic & other; To like the class & throughout; Now unearthed sanxingdui bronze mask on the surface, the performance in many folk collection of ancient shu jade carving Ji sit. In this way & other; Gas & throughout; Concepts and burning incense smoke object, firmly rooted in the Chinese & other; ZuYuan memory & throughout; . With the development of the society, the ancient incense smoke behavior, although used by politics, by cultural expansion, induced by artifacts, beautify by fashion, but until today, the Chinese’s grave to worship ancestors, not still go to burn incense burning fake generated plumes?

at the beginning of China’s feudal society, & other; Hero worship (imperial) & throughout; Began eating & other; Ancestral worship & throughout; , behavior is replaced with ointment into ritual. , the pre-qin and han dynasties to the emperor to play things officials not only prior to burn incense, and when things have to mouth spices. In the sui and tang dynasties, the local Taoism prosperity, foreign popularization of Buddhism, with fragrant behavior by religious etiquette to rent for a long time, lead to the study of incense increasingly sophisticated, incense culture spread into the system. Into the song dynasty, with the Chinese culture to a historical height, culture is also an unprecedented prosperous. Connoisseur collection high in today’s Shanghai shen in the statement of culture important carrier incense burner, points out & other; In the song, & lsquo; The court to Taoism administration technique for 2 & rsquo; . Taoism also called & lsquo; Science & rsquo; , advocating simple, natural and aesthetic implication. The culture background of the poets in the light, plain of China, has a incomparable love nature. And with the national cultural background at that time, and sacred meaning for furnace, that ushered in the new era of incense burner & throughout; , & other; Incense burner can be said to represent the song dynasty porcelain art spirit & throughout; .

today, why behavior with ointment & other; Like night of spring breeze comes suddenly, thousands of trees throughout critics, pear flower open &; ? Market economy of the modern trend of fashion, has made our life formatting, fierce competition for survival, the changing rules of the game, complex relationships, greasy fast food culture, the people in peace of mind is upset, people in the brain smart thoughts are dislocation, people on the day after, how need something, to smooth the wrinkle of the mind, to comfort the spiritual numbness, those dull perception to nutrition. Burn incense, but also as the above & other; Need & throughout; The & other; One thing & throughout; . When we are immersed in the culture, enjoy the & other; Flower gas kaori drunk, endless spirit Finn is static also & throughout; Atmosphere, how many can alleviate some & other; Modernization of oppression & throughout; . (Epstein jh)