Oil painting comrade xiaoping in shenzhen value up: is a major event symbols

in the spring of 1992, visit the south and published the important speech, sure the direction of the shenzhen special economic zone and grades, deeply inspired the people of the whole country. After thinking several times, the leadership of shenzhen municipal party committee propaganda department decided to use the form of posters express strong determination to reform and opening up, and gave the task to the advertising art company in shenzhen.

at the time of shenzhen art advertising company is the nation’s first industrial and commercial registration of advertising companies, most professionals from eight academy of China, has a strong technical force, for the shenzhen street 10 publicity painting creation task every year. Rats, the then general manager, led the artists to create, several drafts before, eventually to comrade deng xiaoping in the fairy lake botanical garden visit a photo image as the prototype, the sky became red represents vigorous reform and opening up of the weather. Shortly thereafter, shenzhen shennan road erected huge posters, comrade deng xiaoping in shenzhen. This design bold when published posters, has 270 kinds of magazines on the multiple countries. Shenzhen municipal party committee propaganda department also formally to the subject matter identified as long the theme of the posters on display.

two version are all hand-painted before painting, image quality is rough, and protect against the perennial experience, easily damaged, need regular maintenance. Every year to send people climb frame, portraits to add color, very inconvenient. In 1996, shenzhen art advertising company received a comrade xiaoping propaganda third bid notice for improvement. The changing portrait after widespread filling, and ultimately the shenzhen art advertising company Chen Jinfeng computer-generated design draft of the bid. With the former two version is different, the third edition is no longer need to manually draw, but USES the most advanced computer print technology, this publicity painting also become the first domestic use computer print technology independent completed the advertising posters. Scene, in the blue sky white clouds, comrade deng xiaoping sideways toward the south, look nice, looking at the shenzhen modern buildings, surrounded by green trees and grass beside Le cuckoo.

the original shenzhen art advertising company deputy general manager zhen-xiang he introduces, the creation of this piece of propaganda at that time after an extensive discussion, eventually adopted photographers y.-l xiaoping photos as the head, with the shenzhen local photographer taken to produce synthetic shenzhen scenery.

compared with before two version, third edition production more excellent, character image more accurately. Therefore, its response is very good, one is very high, attracted numerous competing media published at home and abroad. This print as also laid the foundation of the fourth prints like. From then on, the xiaoping portrait photographs for many Chinese and foreign tourists will choose to shenzhen project. When the death of comrade deng xiaoping, the more become the scene of shenzhen citizen to express grief. Since then, every anniversary, comrade deng xiaoping’s portrait will see holding flowers to greet people.

in 2002, because of the influence of “comrade xiaoping in shenzhen” propaganda extensively, the portrait was made into oil painting exhibition. Chen Jinfeng, Chen Hongxin, ji-bin wang and zhen-xiang he four people cooperation, in luohu fire squadron of the conference room to complete the picture 4 meters long, 1.3 meters wide paintings, and acquire & other The rainbow & ndash; & ndash; In 2002 in guangdong province calligraphy art photography exhibition & throughout; The honorable mention.

over the past 20 years, the portrait down again, but the theme remains the same, not only become the motivation of reform and opening up the city & other; Motto & throughout; , also has become the symbol of shenzhen, & other; Shenzhen one scene & throughout; And through the media affect the spread of the country.

masters and scholars talk about oil painting “comrade xiaoping in shenzhen”

in the process of socialist construction and development of new China, the ruling communist party propaganda of the people, using the art form to record history and reappearance of the republic of history, art has always been one of the important means. Since the 1950 s oil painting of the birth of “the founding ceremony,” to Hou Yimin and chun-hua liu & other; Throughout, however &; Oil painting “liu shaoqi and AnYuan miners” and famous oil painting “chairman MAO to AnYuan praises to Mr JinShangYi & other; The wise leader & throughout; Oil painting “do I trust you”; And the China central academy professor li3 qi2 affect a wide range of traditional Chinese painting “the President through the national” and female painter Zhou Sicong Chinese painting “the people and the prime minister”, is a model of such works. In China into a period of sluggish reform and opening up, comrade deng xiaoping’s & other; Throughout southern China address &; , the fate of the republic is undoubtedly significant transition times. Shenzhen municipal party committee propaganda department also shoulder the responsibility of the drums for the reform of gong, they commissioned the city a few painters, timely will record a giant painting of the incident “comrade xiaoping in shenzhen” stands in the forefront of reform and opening up & ndash; & ndash; Shenzhen shennan road, the sun block, the work also with strong media and of various publications into the people inside. Based on this, the oil painting “comrade xiaoping in shenzhen” this painting, will with the passage of time, more show its collection value and historical value, will surely go down in history.

闫振堂 : FenDangZu deputy secretary and deputy director of the state administration of cultural heritage, honorary President of Chinese collectors association.

, so to speak, has a major impact on the art works in China, almost all associated with political association.

in the Anti-Japanese War and the liberation war, due to the forty thousand people’s literacy rate is too low, and the transmission channel and economic condition restriction, original concise convenient black-and-white print once become important means of propaganda, it also led to the universal access to modern printmaking. In the beginning of the founding of new China, the communists still relying on prints and pictures and comic books, popular art categories such as to consolidate the new regime and pursuing new policies.

since the change in socialist China, fine depict leaders and the workers, peasants and soldiers image moored to arts & ndash; & ndash; Oil painting, also will gain great popularity. Especially print run as high as nine hundred million oil painting “chairman MAO to AnYuan into eight & other; Model & throughout; The eponymous & other; Revolution throughout painting & treasure; , more make this picture into the mainstream.

enter the mid and late 1980 s, & other; Flowers, innovation & throughout; The art of policy, to get real enforced, the development of Chinese art also present a pluralistic tendency from now on. As & other; A cult of personality & throughout; Drifting away, in major national fine arts exhibition, ordinary people’s life to replace the usual leader and a twinkle in her eyes, the founding fathers. And in the summer of 1992, artwork of comrade deng xiaoping in shenzhen, has nothing to do with the usual phenomena of fine arts. The excellent work entirely by comrade deng xiaoping & other Throughout southern China address &; Derived, is not belong to the level of art. But as a result of media widely disperse, cause the work to become a political symbol. There is the affection of his people’s chief designer of reform and opening up, but more important is to give a message to the world, is that China will continue to reform and opening up.

the oil painting “comrade xiaoping in shenzhen has its own powerful and artistic appeal, because history has stopped for it.

the comrade xiaoping in shenzhen, is a collection of paintings, portraits, posters in one large works of fine art. Mural face to face with the public, the portraits of real embedded, posters of inciting encouraging, get full play here, mix, popularity, and to express the declared national policy, to the people left an enduring impression, this painting in contemporary art, has become the most influential and famous.