Old Beijing midwife only receive 3 dollars at a time Were produced only by the Buddha

BeiPing public security bureau confirmed the infant office staff for Yang Chongrui (right)

as crowded, public maternity hospital beds, private maternity hospital, private midwives would have hung a sign. In fact, in the old Beijing, most pregnant women choose private midwives. The private attendants also has a good name & ndash; & ndash; & other; Auspicious grandma & throughout; , also called & other; Midwife & throughout; , & other The midwives & throughout; .

heavy death rebirth gaumata, treat children is very contradictory, on the one hand, happy to continue the family line, on the other hand, depending on the lotus flower dirty unlucky; Results although ancient Chinese medicine of department of gynaecology, but no matter & other; Children & throughout; And given to the delivery room have & other; Produce bitch & throughout; . In the era of medicine is not developed, they called help born lucky grandma on one hand, on the other hand is put on the hat of folly backward.

the gate of hell women have children as in the past, because the law science had very little. 1950 public health bureau statistics, over the past year the newborn is 41.77% old midwife delivered.

& other; Bai Laolao & throughout; Monthly income generally

from Lao she novels “is red” can we see the swagger of midwife & other; Bai Laolao & throughout; . Her art prototype, should be in tianjin a & other; Specially delivering Chen Laolao & throughout; : the old man’s house more than 50 years old, is full of wrinkles on his forehead, appearance is very moist, wearing duchesssatin ku coat, with legs, wearing red hibiscus flowers, with only silver spoon on a bun, preached: we are not designed to make a few money, is saving life, is to give money to the poor, also don’t want. Chen Laolao trade is ancestral, who attended the birth mother in wenan is a midwife, her home state because fled to flood in tianjin, lived in east kiln depression liujia hutong, because I know some spell childbirth often folks know to please, then all of a sudden deliveries for 14 years.

ask she encountered during childbirth? Her god is: encountered during childbirth, there are several secret recipe, dystocia with prescription, memorize illiterate. Such as maternal faint at the sight of puppy blood, with a weight of iron in the vinegar to heat, in the maternal smoked under the nose. In infants under two feet first & other; Serial raw & throughout; , toto, two feet slightly with his hand when her baby hand upward, then production safely. If encounter a hand down first & other; The left hand throughout the &; And put a little salt in hand heart, as long as the hands will be retracted. If meet a baby butt down & other; Sit gamou & throughout; , the Buddha will bless. If still not come down, had to sent to the hospital, we can only rely on the Buddha, not it is a good spell. Chen Laolao midwives, many is seven to eight times a month, a second, less march up to September, the lunar June at least; Like gold, small biscuit of 3 two, a large house SanSiKuai, a meal at a full moon to wine, income is generally. Such Chen Laolao, was half a wizard, thousands of years unexpectedly doesn’t change much.

baby mortality up to two hundred over one thousand

obstetric east, science became & other; Grandma & throughout; Are the bane of; Five years of the republic of China (1916) promulgated the provisional outlaw midwife provisions, the old midwives incorporated into the public security management, then mr.obama launched & other; The fertility revolution & throughout; Above, at the end of the century 20 s open & other; Midwives throughout & assembly; And & other Protect the infant firm & throughout; Marked, open new midwifery school, in the new reform old midwife.

according to load: & other; Have a midwife assembly of flat city, starts from people of 16 yard era, this obstetric assembly is proposed at the time, has not started in the middle. Seventeen years, the northern expeditionary army and political restructuring, the Beijing municipal government established September 17 years creating health bureau organization obstetrics education steering committee & hellip; & hellip; Registered midwife survey flat city, compliance, divide into classes training, entitled “beiping special city by the midwife assembly & throughout; .

& other; Throughout & assembly; Or management organization, articles of association the crone ten commandments: one, the city’s & other; The medical school or the school of midwifery and licensed throughout the metropolitan police practice license &; To deliver the industry for women, in the study. Second, & other; Midwife & throughout; The following must be more than thirty years old, sixty-five years old. Three, & other Midwife & throughout; Must be physically fit, limbs, eyes and ears of smart, no infectious disease, is qualified. Four, learning, exam by the expiration of the assembly, to issue the certificate. Five, petition bureau again send the new license to practice. Six, during the practice must accept the assembly & other; Throughout the business supervision &; At least five times. Seven, examine social reflect the midwife at any time. Eight, each midwives in infant mortality can’t more than two hundred over one thousand, reach the & other; Closed & throughout; . Nine, assembly supervision fees, not too high, the poor households to be funded. Ten, midwives graduation practice, must carry provisions LiuKuang one, with white cloth, with drugs and disinfector, cover, and bring your own white white sleeves, white towel, sterile gauze, etc.

& other; Baby basket & throughout; Become a grandmother license

in 1930, Beijing grabbing money, lane 2, hung up the “BeiPing public security bureau confirmed the infant firms” brand, founder is Yang Chongrui, then see a paper, dated on social & other; Protect the infant firm & throughout; The flyer “to inform citizens pay attention to the midwife basket” : & other; Except a few family postponement of doctor or midwife at ordinary times, most of the production depend on midwife & hellip; & hellip; Will produce as a very unusual thing & hellip; & hellip; Have a plenty of because of the poor, have to roughing, midwife solely to deal with. Often see midwife stretched out a pair of dirty hands some rags broken paper, sand, coal, etc., to arrange everything to maternal infant & hellip; & hellip; Maternal puerperal fever, baby tetanus, ten nine inevitable. Throughout the &;

& other; Protect the infant firm & throughout; Also opened & other; Midwife training & throughout; , no charge. Teaching classes for two months, clean disinfection method, delivery method and the umbilical cord cutting, suspended animation childbirth Sue body, puerperal women see the dharma, the human body anatomy, upon examination, the expiration of the department of health shall issue license & ndash; & ndash; For qualified & other; Produce bitch & throughout; .

please be careful: grandma is a licensed, just to see if they are carrying a basket & hellip; & hellip; Because they prepared a baby basket, basket is placed inside the midwives application equipment and medicine. Trained midwife is delivering a basket! And regulations & other; Don’t carry baby basket, or borrow basket for delivering additional fee, both for the foul. Throughout the &; Since then walk in the lane, holding a large wicker basket, became a Beijing & other; Grandma & throughout; Logo.