Old Beijing water conservancy of coup: the Marco Polo bridge installed 10 “cut dragon sword”

water is the source of life, but the flood disaster to mankind is not rare. The west there is the myth of Noah’s ark, China has the dayu harnessing of stories. The & other; Town water bull & throughout; , the Marco Polo bridge & other Cut the dragon sword & throughout; As well as HuiTongCi & other; Tong jian stone & throughout; And so on, not only show our ancestors & other Water conservancy & throughout; Experience and wisdom, and also is the epitome of old Beijing cope with floods.

if it is in this or that very moment of the day will dawn, standing at the Marco Polo bridge head west looked at, but see starlight faintly in the awning, a waning moon hung high in the sky. Haze in the xishan mountain ranges, scenery; The yongding river water under the bridge, like a huge dragon, winding and come from a distance, whizzing & hellip; & hellip; & other; Jade month ditch water mark cold air was lying rainbow & throughout; , this is old & other; Yanjing eight sights & throughout; & one of the other; Lu ditch both & throughout; .

this scenery, in the moment I’m afraid is a rare, traveled to the Marco Polo bridge to visit most is to appreciate the majestic ying, or blunt & other; Throughout countless of lions on lugou bridge &; This kind of xiehouyu to. People often don’t pay attention to, are still under the Marco Polo bridge & other; Cut the dragon sword & throughout; Say: in 10 right abutment to meet the water & other; Water throughout pointed &; , equipped with 10 pillar of Angle iron, such as 10, razor sharp sword for the upstream to the water, cut into two strands, let them from under the arches of the coupons hole through the respectively.

since the Marco Polo bridge Jin Mingchang three years (1192) and to make up to now, has been more than 800 years, but that never happened collapse phenomenon, I’m afraid with 10 mounted on the water, pointed to a pier & other; Cut the dragon sword & throughout; There is a close relationship. Why, then, installation & other; Cut the dragon sword & throughout; ?

the book & middot; this, qin, zhao to make fifty ten years (before 257) & other; At the beginning of a river crossing & throughout; . This is the earliest recorded & other; Bridge & throughout; The historical facts, and this & other; River crossing & throughout; Is Huang Hefeng ling crossing ever stand on the bridge.

this is lu ditch ferry north-south exchanges between levels, before there was only one pontoon bridge repair the Marco Polo bridge. But the bridge of the spring flood or summer flood, will be the upstream flood to destroy wrapped in ice.

Jin Hailing king moved the yanjing (both gold), after considering the Marco Polo bridge on the strategic significance, decided to put the pontoon Bridges instead. So he call to arms, recruiting craftsman to the bridge. But, the craftsman has heard lu ditch & other; The black dragon & throughout; Workers, often washed out Bridges, destroy the dam, flood houses Tian He, harm the people, and then looked at each other. Finally from & other; Excalibur chopped monster dragon & throughout; The story of the enlightenment, built up 10 of the razor sharp & other; Cut the dragon sword & throughout; , respectively, to install them in the top 10 YingShui pier surface water. Since then, the Marco Polo bridge has been safe and sound.

under the Marco Polo bridge & other; Cut the dragon sword & throughout; Yield & other; The black dragon & throughout; , although is only a story, but it is a very profound scientific reason.

but, lu ditch why there will be a & other; The black dragon & throughout; ? & other; The black dragon & throughout; Actually refers to lu ditch twice a year floods: one is spring flood (also called & other; Melting ice flood & throughout;) A summer sin (also called & other; Throughout summer flood &;) . Due to the flood turbidity, slightly in black, coast then call it & other people; The black dragon work & throughout; .

lu ditch, said before & other; Sanggan river, is the result of ningwu shanxi GuanCenShan, it is about a river in geological time, tens of millions of years ago, flows through shanxi, Inner Mongolia, hebei, Beijing and tianjin in the haihe river into the bohai sea, more than 680 km, whenever spring flowers, snow and ice melt, the water steep rise. Fierce flooding clip wrapped in has not yet been completely melted the ice, made xishan pentium, burst dam, flood houses, Tian He, often lead to disaster. This is & throughout; Melting ice flood & throughout; .

someone once facies, fort (huai ‘an) seen in hebei province & other; Melting ice flood & throughout; Magnificent sight: cao river full of water, like long trapped beast to go free, for ice, came running down excitedly, aggressive, the singing sound, even on the cx, also be it enveloped in the transient time away & hellip; & hellip; Melting ice flood of yongding river, its traffic has always been very big, can reach 500 to 600 cubic meters per second. Such a large flow rate and ice scores, true have, and it was devastating unstoppable trend. However, in lu ditch pointed to meet the water stone bridge piers water stands a pillar of the iron triangle, split the ice impact, protect the stone bridge pier, and the flood of enron. The Marco Polo bridge & other; Cut the dragon sword & throughout; Are the crystallization of the wisdom of our ancestor.

the Summer Palace, casting & other; Town water & throughout; Bull

Hou Ruihua

recently, after a heavy rain in Beijing, the Summer Palace in the east wall of the lotus pond water level higher than the asphalt in parallel with the more than a foot, if it weren’t for slope protection LanDang, water will flow into the street. Lotus pond water from the lake, kunming lake from the miyun reservoir, reservoir water and tidal river, baihe injection, if the lotus pool water outflow, will certainly to haidian far, until each low areas in the city.

load historical data, expand the kunming lake mainly against the flood, kunming lake has discharge sluice in all directions. Under normal circumstances, kunming lake excess water is mainly through the river discharge, the ji shui tan tong HuiHe.

the kunming lake, after repair of telling people “waterproof, calm calm and recorded the history of the water conservancy, qianlong specifically in the east on the cast in the bull, and in the body and write 80 words of Taurus inscription inscription said. First few typesetting: & other; Xia Yu river management, talk of iron cow. Righteousness heavy calm, later generations JingCong. You’ll just e, like he take thick. Dragon away, number of Ju Tuo can, & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

has been to the Summer Palace, the people have seen it, hear a lot about the legend of the bull. The most widely circulated story is the gigolo knit and town water flood control. But I think, town water disaster prevention is the real intention of casting the cattle. Because this 80 words bull inscriptions, allusions, words that embodies the emperor qianlong cast cattle to prevent flooding. Inscriptions beginning, & other; Xia Yu river management, talk of iron cow. Throughout the &; Each cure a said the yuwang water conservancy, casting a cow sank, waterproof buzz. This method from famed, turn into casting after cattle do town water beast on the shore. The ancients superstitious cow town water avatar, inscriptions in: & other Dragon away, number of Ju Tuo can, & throughout; More embodies the cow town water mana. Water is the most severe, dragon god beast can turn jiang dao sea are all afraid of bull, far from, what’s more, the far less dragon severe crocodiles like ah! Guarded by the cattle at the water’s edge, and won’t flood. So the qianlong further: & other; Should the operator, to catch in the west. Worship, auspicious, qianlong b hai. Throughout the &; Said I qianlong in b hai cast the cattle guard against floods, bring auspicious signs to subjects.

bull and a statement, said it was the capital of water level. If the kunming lake overflow bull at the foot of the east breakwater, the capital was taken down. Qianlong did: & other; The east dike rock tooth waist up. Throughout the &; Said is long east dike are all stone is build by laying bricks or stones, interlocking, after ebb and flow of flood test. A heavy rain in the summer of 1950, the west causeway submerged, the west lake lake shore close to the garden wall. The marble boat into the water and a half feet deep. East dike. 21 heavy rains last month, I view the bull bay lake is rising more than two feet, can from can diffuse to the shore on the gap is more than one meter, the capital, of course, all right.

visible, qianlong cast bull as the water level of flood control standard, for the town water, no doubt. By the time limitation, of course, the emperor, superstitious cow town water. Real flood, surrender is built after the founding of new China Beijing miyun reservoir.

Zhu Zuxi