Old bookstall vendor book love like life is becoming a monk One day the old 6000 yuan

bring oct a large banyan tree is still a term and of big book on a wall wall & other; Book & throughout; Words. (image by Chen shi brother

& other; At least in the winter of 2010, all have a common memory: the big banyan tree warm winter & throughout; . Because of a story, an old bookstall together a group of shenzhen book lovers become friends recently passed the good news & ndash; & ndash; Ren and found! He has a temple monks in wenzhou, with great concentration practice at present.

this & other related to the book; Sad & throughout; The story has finally ended.

this newspaper reports bring attention

story was summed up book clubs, and other A who love books such as life, running a old bookstall. Management difficulties, he was out of the house; Tens of thousands of books pile in oct a big banyan tree, finally the owner of the book unbearable pressure disappear quietly abandon book & throughout; . On November 19, 2010, shenzhen commercial daily & other; Culture square & throughout; C3 version published reports “shenzhen can hold the old bookstall?” , has sparked concern, & other; Old bookstall & throughout; At that time become hot issues. Behind, the newspaper published in succession “& all other to force & throughout; saving old bookstall”, “shenzhen people are concerned about: the book now?”, “the big banyan tree old bookstall sold” series, will the attention to this event to continue to further.

as other media reported to join, and the Internet blog, microblog, protagonist ren and up to the circumstances known to more people. Many ideas, called love relay, volunteers have flocked to help maintain bookstall, a big star, no smell of old bookstall old at that time become a hot spot of bookshops, so the record books record of 6000 yuan a day from their hometown to originally had ren and up to three elder brother is very touched, in the strange city met so many good intention person to his surprise, just no message again after I ran away from. Continuous attention people sigh with emotion, & other; The question is whether the parties themselves can come out from the test, he is far from to the end of their tether is arguably! Throughout the &;

soul-mate speculation & other; He may become throughout the &;

that winter, & other; Old bookstall & throughout; Shenzhen culture words. In the media, the net friend to force, driven by January 16, 2011, the year approaching, the outdoor furnishing for months in the big banyan tree of tens of thousands of old books sold, took over from shekou a second-hand bookstore, the end is how much for two months to worry about the shenzhen this book lovers add how much warmth.

just hero ren and still no news, his best friend Chen shi brother speculation at the time, of becoming a monk, and da is most likely he is buddhist, is the landlord drive out of more than two months, he in fact has been wandering between stay or leave, over and over again.

poems is elder brother Chen “mangrove” magazine editor, with ren and da is also because of the book. Five years ago, he had just moved to oct often pass by ren and up to the old bookstall, he was fascinated by italo calvino, but really is found in the tens of thousands of old book of ren and reach the calvino “our ancestors”, and is pretty nearly new.

big banyan tree has & other; Book & throughout;

overseas Chinese city east group residential district, the old old bookstall has vanished, big banyan tree is empty. Brother Chen shi is still often pass through the big banyan tree, as to stay in a big book wall wall & other Book & throughout; Words still smiles to the spring breeze. Brother Chen shi said, & other; This is his in evidence, I take it as a warning throughout the &; .

because of old bookstall, a group of shenzhen love relay clubs became friends, came to a piece, in October last year, the group of the book club jointly plan & other 30 days collapse bookstores throughout the &; , causing concern, but also to media reports. In art activities, the similar behavior in 30 days, every day by a book lovers as manager and communicate with readers, until 30 days after the end, some say, activity is a reflection, it is not a bookstore, it is culture.

on March 21, Chen shi brother got a call from the President of three elder brother, told a year ago was leaving and finally have the whereabouts, saying that I had seen the old mother home, is now hoping to Buddha. Yesterday, Chen shi brother told the shenzhen commercial daily reporter, each passing think of old times, as a poor man, think with books, but he is too naive too clinging, and the reality is so cruel, ok now he finally found the peace of mind.