Old “old fan” built after 80, people can only leave the house

tall and thin, wears glasses, after the 80 favorite not online games, online chat, but some deep former residence of celebrities.

he is makyu, a special love true records of old Beijing with a camera after 80.

recently, his & other; Old & throughout; Online line, more than 50 old inside, do not add a bit of post-production, authentic.

celebrity former origin works of Lao she

old makyu contact time is not long, from early this year began. Then just looked at Mr Lao she’s works, he suddenly came to look at the idea of a residence of Lao she.

a weekend, carrying his own small SLR, riding a bicycle to the residence of Lao she.

a seemingly ordinary siheyuan, hanging door & other Lao she’s former residence & throughout; Authentication brand, hard mountain lies between purlin, pure wood structure, the whole yard layout is compact, everyone has a red. Makyu feel, all this is culture, should retain. & other; Is to retain a man’s culture, but people had died, leaving the house. Throughout the &; Hence, the former residence of celebrities makyu began to gather around, and to reach out to every in person, also take photos to their online.

field visits since march this year, recumbent bicycles, electric cars and buses and other vehicles & other; Mix & throughout; , and then carry small SLR, a walk is a day. Old, makyu has gone through more than 50, and about the old photos, he also took the number of 3 G.

use photographs later not do

makyu do network management work in a school, at ordinary times is mainly responsible for maintaining the network of the school.

when a search data, he doesn’t have a special record found old website, & other; So I want to try, even after others writing papers, can search to my web site and references as well my profile & throughout; .

reporter sees on makyu website, pictures of celebrity former residence is very simple, basic it is certification plaque, courtyard door, if the former residence of celebrities can go in, he will take a yard in the scene. All art-house movie pictures of exquisite, smooth shadow is really clear.

makyu explained that although he loves taking pictures, and also for at ordinary times some artistic creation, but on the old photos, he has always been faithfully record, & other; Ensure that no post processing & throughout; .

predecessors: record is also a kind of protection can be done 5 years planning

in the process of recording, he found that there are some former residence of celebrities can find on the net, after the on-site visit found that has completely disappeared.

& other; I even asked local former residents and residents’ committees, but the answer is, down early. Throughout the &; Old makyu this feel, their contact & other; Or it’s too late. Throughout the &;

the next step, he plans on some BBS for college students or compatriots, the former residence of celebrities to shoot all over the country.

this morning, insist on more than 10 years & other; Shoot down & throughout; Recorded history, human landscape of old Beijing founder, Jacky said in old photographs is very positive and encouraging, especially for young people, & other; Consciously records, is a kind of protection in the future. Throughout the &;

Jacky hope makyu can stick to it, & other; May, in accordance with the five years, 10 years of planning to do this. After five years before take the status quo, change in five years, to protect the history, the history is a kind of contribution. Throughout the &;