Old opera denier town with only the only male denier body than women still soft (FIG.)

seeks yuan flute (right) in the goddaughter disciple, but male denier absence or. Data figure reporter ma

at the end of 2011, Shanghai drama art center was formally established, covers Beijing, kunming, yue, hu, huai, pingtan six troupes and integrated into an organic whole. Shanghai yue, Shanghai troupe, huai troupe and pingtan regiment was renamed & other; ChuanXiSuo & throughout; And become a government in full funding institutions. In the cultural context of the great development of prosperity, compared to some places can only focus on the protection the plight of one or two troupes, Shanghai mechanism reform is in the field of culture & other; Big & throughout; .

however, in the fast pace of life, traditional literature and art seems to be becoming more and more far away from the city. Beijing Opera active male denier remaining a, halls is survival distress & hellip; & hellip; Where is the young actors? Young people and where is it? How Shanghai in terms of heritage and development of traditional literature and art show & other; All rivers run into sea & throughout; The international metropolis of style? These “proposition, and always affects the heart of the Shanghai representative, committee member.

Shanghai last men


once & other; Male denier town & throughout; Only a male denier & other; Only child & throughout; Seeks: yuan flute to tolerance for solitude!

if Shanghai can be called with opera city, it is because of the existence of seeks yuan flute. Who was born in 1983 in the sunbelt

male denier, not only is the only male denier sunbelt third generation, is Shanghai’s only active male. In the past many years, male as a Peking Opera once incomparably glorious of trade, because in the last few decades prejudice and male to dress up as women to experience the pain, difficult is heading for a delicate situation. Our correspondent has entered the seeks yuan flute world of male denier. He is currently professor in Shanghai traditional opera school stage, just, his students are girls.

reporter LiLiang

class the only male denier: woman’s body is more soft than women

Ceng Qiuling

16 on the cross, through the teacher seeks yuan racket, flute start practicing the war nanyang city in a play. Ceng Qiuling play that chow is plausible. Although to show), huangdi zhuxue of 10 cm high heels to step on a piece of wood, but xiaoceng thinks start our way in the play, light has been very stable, feet already seem so small. Only know that seeks yuan flute xiaoceng thinks the foot is very pain due to bearing.

each time I see xiaoceng thinks the cloth and wood hard bound together, seeks yuan flute will be thought of as a teenager. Probably is also the age of 15 or 16, when the other boys in the football field to gallop, seeks yuan flute has gritted teeth, his feet hard to squeeze in a narrow space, stand up, dress up as the huangdi zhuxue of appearance. All the girls around twittering. They are a bit rejected him, in words and unavoidable tastes of disdain.

seeks yuan flute is the only male denier in woman’s class. He practiced twirls and female classmates. Practice with extreme flexibility test & other; Lie the fish work & throughout; . In order to struggle with rigid body of a male, is sweating seeks yuan flute has to make a greater effort, endured the pain, let the body distortion. & other; The girl reject me, probably because I softer than they can do more action! Throughout the &;

practice as long as willing to bear hardships, a man can be softer than women. Based on as a man of experience, seeks yuan flute for xiaoceng thinks on running away all the pain, also then cross the united conceal the teacher to student’s soft.

exercising nearly 20 years for a wound to the obsession with only his bones

the ShiBaJiuNian work practice, strain the bones and muscles, now seeks yuan flute to walk, sometimes scroop, foot not only foot ring, ankle and lumbar spine will ring. Seeks yuan flute listening to these wonderful sound, thinking of old flyby Shanghai men denier, walking body is so loud. But these men all went to the old, sound is drifting away. Only male denier, as Shanghai seeks yuan whistle destined to hear your sound. & other; Teacher, I will use! Throughout the &; Jilin city 10 years of age seeks yuan flute standing in front of the children’s palace the teacher to the school to choose art talent, no stage fright. Seeks a yuan flute, is “the red lantern” dark grayish blue-colored famous aria. The role of dark grayish blue-colored is typical in the Beijing Opera actress. Oneself a little boy why one is woman? Many years later, seeks to understand yuan flute, originally the first speakers that opposite the childhood home all day is dark grayish blue-colored aria. Sing out without thinking, also calculate, the result of this. Seeks yuan flute feel, oneself and male denier edge must be made before then.

standing in front of our newspaper reporter seeks yuan flute eyes, speak softly light gas, although the northeast man, but have a pair of jiangnan people thin slender figure, walk is also very light. This is probably the so-called male denier actor’s qualities. In fact, when seeks the yuan after the flute to a dark grayish blue-colored in the children’s palace, is because of rare handsome appearance, and be advised to learn the male denier.

of course, talent isn’t everything. Seeks there will be a flute for male denier obsession from the inside. If don’t love woman, he how applicable at puberty (voice), just waiting for five years, after the mature voice to continue the work of men’s denier? If not love, why he can grind diffusion man hard bones and muscles, assiduous practice, so that later can worship ShangXiaoYun disciple Li Xihong and Shirley was handed down for the teacher, became the only third generation sunbelt male denier?

but hometown jilin is not popular opera, parents even & other; Sheng, net ugly & throughout; Do not understand, oneself to male denier and why love you so much? Seeks yuan flute can only use & other; Throughout the fate &; The word to explain.

& other; Male denier town & throughout; History, & other; The only male denier & throughout; Face to face with prejudice

Ceng Qiuling and 14 year old school sister Xiong Chen rain, seeks yuan is flute since China XiJiao in Shanghai traditional opera school after graduation by two students. To division two sisters are very excited, the past heard of Peking Opera has a man in the corner of denier, but look of pear is female denier, if encounter a male teacher, it’s really good luck. As the only male teacher, in Shanghai XiJiao seeks yuan flute sometimes thought, in an unguarded moment, what you become & other; The only & throughout; The? A few decades ago, Shanghai was man of the town, & other; Four of the top actor & throughout; Mei lanfang, cheng yanqiu, shang xiaoyun, and xun are male denier, they also in Shanghai, from Shanghai fans are proud of the good. That is now only in historical data.

seeks yuan flute eyes always emerge within 10 years old by the children’s palace after the teacher selected by their parents. Parents are all workers, they assumed the boy learn singing opera losers, it is better to take an examination of the belief that a good school. Who seeks yuan flute more firmly, not only to cry all day long, also on hunger strike. Parents are mainly in the end. Seeks yuan flute sometimes think, if was not so strongly, maybe really can test a good school, doing something completely different from male denier career? It is the first time that seeks yuan flute & receive the world other Use no ambition & throughout; Bias.

as for male denier, that is under attack. Because male denier to do what all women in the play. Take & other; Orchid & throughout; Flute, seeks yuan learned from teachers there are 54 kinds of & other; Orchid & throughout; , now he taught two students. In the large classroom, seeks yuan flute for landing to mirror to students do demonstration & ndash; & ndash; The thumb and middle finger knead, other three fingers pointing fingers to different azimuth stretch, will show different woman’s mood. A woman man so studying, which interesting? This is the place of a lot of National People’s Congress for the confused. Also I do not know when, male denier is considered to be one of the old & other; Bad habits & throughout; .

but no matter how the outside world borak ridicule, seeks yuan flute but stubbornly believe that male denier & other Orchid & throughout; Is very beautiful, not only & other; Orchid & throughout; Beauty, male denier spoke, gait, a smile a raised eyebrow is beautiful. Seeks yuan flute transposition and sometimes think, if you are female, with her daughter and play the role of women, there will be & other; Deformities & throughout; Self-confidence is the confidence, to make his will grasp of all stage program became more casual. But precisely because to play the female, male will be particularly careful to estimates appreciates women’s elegant, lifelike, and both the strength of the male actors, to sublimate role. Seeks yuan flute feel, this carefully for the opposite sex, I’m afraid there is male denier of reason.

& other; Only child & throughout; Will continue: & other; Want to bear live lonely! Throughout the &;

every Sunday afternoon, seeks yuan flute is bound to appear in the school to rehearse the classroom. & other; You come again! Throughout the &; Smile face guard aunt hello, seeks the yuan flute came into the classroom. Practice is still a flexibility. Was born in 1983, has 28 seeks yuan flute is still required to kick to an end. 1.72 meters height of the active male denier, in the corner alone makes the strength endured the pain kicks to practice. The whole classroom seems to instantly and magnified many times.

although inner resistance to prejudice the power of especially strong, but seeks yuan flute is doomed to be lonely. ShiBaJiuNian and come, all the way to learn to play together always only he a man denier, even with 81 – year – old BiGuYun study play, now is still the only male denier finish old students. And Beijing Shanghai can now in the stage of five male denier MeiPa male Cheng Pa Hu Wenge, male Zhang Pa male Dan Yang, liu and XunPaNan denier Yin Jun in Beijing, Shanghai seeks yuan flute is the only one. Friends often play together, but after all is poly scattered more than less.

of course, a reality also seeks yuan flute understand: he is now the two students Ceng Qiuling and Xiong Chen rain is talent is good, have the potential for further study, but really into the line, that’s two female denier. Seeks yuan flute is a male student. This means that seeks yuan flute in the Shanghai opera house & other; Only child & throughout; The situation will not change in a short time.

recently ethos is slightly different. Seeks yuan flute sometimes received a phone call, the caller be gratified with his male denier, & other; Seeks the teacher on the phone I give you sing a. Throughout the &; Is this bias in popular, has never been a new situation. And then, seeks yuan flute always declined each other. He knows that, in order to more than 20 years of age to learn male denier, must have looked at men’s denier & other; Capital essence & throughout; To gaming (the more popular after the movie “mei lanfang”). But there is no skill obtained during the childhood, motivation and not pure, is clearly learn bad men denier.

& other; Men too much is not good, there are many not male denier. Throughout the &; Seeks yuan flute said. So as a male denier, he can only temporarily left alone to live in Shanghai liyuan, & other; Want to bear live lonely! Throughout the &; He told himself.