Old papers are BianJingZhao paintings handed down from ancient times Show the Ming royal common taste

BianJingZhao of the notice double crane figure

BianJingZhao of the notice double crane figure “, now in guangdong museum


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in the late 80 s, 20th century by Xu Bangda, qi gong, Liu Jiuan, Xie Zhiliu, Yang Renkai of ancient Chinese calligraphy and painting appraisal team composed of experts came to the guangdong museum, they see a collection of silk scroll painting, all praise, and as the national level cultural relics. But few people know, this painting, calligraphy and painting products used to package.

the origin odd painting is a what kind of work? Let us first since it was found after speaking.

in 1982, guangzhou a bookstore collect a batch of old books and calligraphy and painting from the north, invited Mr Su Gengchun identification. Mr. Su has with historical Liu Jiuan in Beijing liulichang, practice on a pair of critical, is the older generation of calligraphy and painting connoisseur in our country. Mr. Su to each painting and calligraphy and ancient books one by one, after the identification, did not find how many precious thing in the world. When he left, he suddenly on the package of this batch of painting and calligraphy and ancient books of a color dark and yellow old silk produced strong interest, so he put the silk back to the museum.

to return to the museum, he put the silk on the smear carefully wipe, found that this is a picture with a crane and the plum flower is ancient paintings; And then rub, look with a magnifying glass, and found in the top right-hand corner of the picture there are general yue: & other; Stay BianJingZhao wrote a letter to notice double crane figure & throughout; . Mr. Su, very excited, because the painting style and BianJingZhao completely consistent, and there was a BianJingZhao own question, as for BianJingZhao genuine. Later, Mr. Su with 1500 yuan price which bought from the bookstore, and sent to Beijing ancient paintings framed please repair, then found under the TiKuan & other; Edge’s wenjin & throughout; And & other Empathy move plant & throughout; Two kisses, further backed up his judgment. It is life odd painting of the notice double crane figure “.

screen double crane, crane ong day sirens, a crane to beak pecking feathers, ten percent branch LaoMei buckling oblique images from the top left to the right, mei on branches numbered salted and dried plum opening, after the camellia, bamboo line scene. The author the shade dry wet ink shading prunes, a three-dimensional sense of strong, brushwork is exquisite, vivid and lifelike. In ancient times, the crane is a symbol of long life and therefore have & other; Cranes & throughout; Known; With Benedict situation not her virtue again at the same time, so the ancients multi-purpose crane metaphor dignitaries of highest virtue. And plum trees can live for more than one thousand years, to spend the life of the king, therefore, may match with the crane is the symbol of longevity, luck. In addition, the plum blossom has the temperament of nobleness, therefore, in Chinese traditional culture, may also used for the noble moral integrity of reclusion. This work will be crane and mei are the same as picture, one is from the meaning of auspicious, longevity, 2 it is to combine high character, has a double meaning.

the author to draw, BianJingZhao, wenjin, is the Ming dynasty palace flower-and-bird painter. Yongle reign (1403-1442) as a stay, a letter to the hall of martial valor to jintong (1426-1435) is still to the imperial palace, after the academician stay ennui. He inherited the southern song dynasty & other; The courtyard body & throughout; Traditional claboratestyle, qing li works, fine brushwork. Qing dynasty Xu Qin said its flowers and feathers & other; Imparting the vivid, finished unsurpassed & throughout; . BianJingZhao flower-and-bird paintings, Chinese paintings in the palace of inherited traditional features, and mixed with the grade of the Ming dynasty royal civilian, in materials, conception, composition, ink, style, etc.

according to ancient Chinese painting and calligraphy appraisal team editor of “Chinese ancient calligraphy and painting figure mesh” records, is a rare BianJingZhao the paintings handed down from ancient times, is now can see, only 6 pieces. Guangdong museum of this work, CheFu is bigger, is handed down the trace of the treasures. The eye of the painting but depends on Mr. Su, or buried in the rubble. Look again at the moment of the cultural relics appraisal experts, makes man uttered a sigh.

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