Old singer li photo exposure Has ChengChang st wizard (figure)


ever sung” the qinghai-tibet plateau “, “the woman is the tiger” singer li in 1997, becoming a monk. Over the past 15 years zoomed, recently, online Revelations of li’s photo, said today she has transformed from former singer li chang SAN mage, away from the secular, concentrated study of Buddhism.

in the 1990 s, li na is a famous singer. She’s “the qinghai-tibet plateau”, “sister-in-law”, “the good life of peace”, “the woman is the tiger”, “into the” song ever dumped millions of audience. More than ten years in its debut, a total of 160 movies with more than 200 song sung, then China’s film and television play almost half to ring all of the songs sung by li na.

however, in the spring of 1997, li na in ten years, career is in top condition, but she made a make everyone feel unable to understand the decision, the first registered permanent residence migration from zhengzhou to yongding district and site selection in tianmen mountain building, then rushed to wutai mountain, stripped of moss, in there. The news, the inside and outside circle uproar, many people feel sorry.