Old zhang date jun in the mirror: delicate feelings and let men

is brushing her words, then there was the death of zhang date from Germany, before the smell of lung cancer in January, he said & other; No march & throughout; And sure enough, not arrest in destiny. Huang ke first to send a text message, and then call BaiHua north island, call me BaiHua, phone to SMS shock, poetic, over the behind, net yue & other Pioneer poetry representative & throughout; History of poet, seems to have a little cry of the buzzing of traditional flavor & ndash; & ndash; Lifetime lonely, after title. Qu yuan, “li SAO”, & other; By sorrow & throughout; Words, open & other; Frustrated & throughout; First, also calculate & other; Guoguang & throughout; ; Zhu xiang, reason has & other Weapons & throughout; Said. Song of haizi, party recite suicide; Attend to city so, still sigh a poem for & other; Modernism butterfly & hellip; & hellip; Did not think it is a life & throughout; ; Perhaps, zhang date will have to so, & ndash; & ndash; So, thousand shouldn’t shouldn’t have to guess his age, it calls upon death: & other; Death to guess your age, think you still young & throughout; (” the metaphor of death “). At his death, he found the door to death. He was in a letter to me to chat and Yeats’s & other; 48 & throughout; , that was a late bloomer & other; 48 & throughout; Died, but zhang date jun on this. He is really too young, the family. Had talked with him & other; To avoid more & throughout; A, he is not believed.

behind the metaphor, & ndash; & ndash; Said his favourite way, & other; Good eyes & throughout; The back, how sad and circumstances, or the fine, is brodsky said of that kind of & other; The tyrant politics stone & throughout; , is proportional to the increase? But he poetry deny such humble: & other; I walked, a mortal, this is not a political & throughout; ; Livelihoods of conflict or literature, dislocation of time and space, the anxiety caused by? Can he give my poems & ndash; & ndash; & other; To the south! I saw the end of the flash li lotus, south fold, it is like a truth, jumping on the buildings & throughout; , he is sure that he is optimistic, playful, not; Perhaps is the result of poor hobby, smoking, drinking, accumulate over a long period, eventually making disaster?

looks old, he has written, & other; One is my drinking, professional, I am ashamed to tell you & throughout; ; Another: & other; I at present is to give up smoking, successful for a while. I just want to play will, just a kind of extreme nihilism. Throughout the &; Bad is bad in this & other; Play & throughout; The word, because over time, no longer play will, will change. Poem play without will, as borges said: the writer’s basic work is pleasure, is want to other things, is a fantasy, is in no hurry to sleep but idea something & hellip; & hellip; Remember, he also said similar words, but there are some things, but you will. Also politely DuiQuan before, it doesn’t. The motherland under poetic style has always been to & other; Negative talent & throughout; , Alice in the mirror, it is hard to get out. His own poetry can conclusion: & other; Where, where is our accurate! Throughout the &;

I pull down, jujube Eva (I always use shu said he) things is not much, a thin book of poetry anthology “letter from the spring and autumn”; With elements of Wallace & middot; Stevens poems “supreme fiction notes”; Then, is that many today magazine, there is his poems; And two poetics & ndash; & ndash; The poet and the mother tongue, the dangerous journey towards language view, contemporary Chinese poetry in the yuan poetry (metapoetical) structure and writing posture, also some manuscript copy; And minds of letters, pictures, postcards & ndash; & ndash; One, I wrote the strange bird on the picture, for him, time is: 1987 & other; This is the only & lsquo; Help & rsquo; Our bird, in remote areas live to us after it comes & throughout; , design is a strange bird flying in the rain, holding the umbrella, mouth call & other; Help” , & other; Help! Throughout the &; & other; Help! Throughout the &; Then, he in Germany, everyone is very depressed, difficult, spit relate to each other, taking pains, in the poem, absurd, and is the style at that time, he gave to you so that let a person cry smile are not, because all know who won’t save anyone.


that zhang date (chimes/chart)

we communication involves the most is the poem, the first before going to China in 1986, he and his bride’s German wife darma, want to take everyone’s work to translation, the last 1995 translation published by holderlin’s foundation support & other; Sichuan five jun & throughout; (zhang date, ouyang rivers, BaiHua, yong-ming zhai, chimes) selected poems “Chinese acrobatics: hard chair”, but his life was beyond recognition, have a very difficult, ShuZhi behind efforts to pay, but have never been to. Write mean a double order and in the spirit of poetry for the body, poetic, criticism has never been clear. Zhang date, so the speech: & other; You and I what a genius! Throughout the &;

he is the kind of person who only for poetry, in other words, regard poetry as the only life meaning. He advocated by the poem reconstruction & other; Native language view & throughout; , & other; Native language is our blood, we would rather die will not change throughout the &; Go abroad, so to speak, since the 1980 s to the present poets group & ndash; & ndash; In terms of native language writing, the unique one zhang date, and the more write, the better, the rest almost & other; Throughout all his demise &; . Not his foreign language is not good, on the contrary, that he is a genius, English, German, French, Russian, Latin attainments, so, mainly is the talent and faith, because he believes that, & other; Native only to the inevitable by anonymous in the naming of things and glory at the celebration ceremony & throughout; , that is to say, mother tongue this & other; Throughout the &; , must through the poet’s & other; Throughout the &; To break out of it. Mother tongue solid & other; There is a reflect national cultural fate listener & throughout; , also brings the risk of writing, and only a poet, to listen to this long inquiry, the risk, like qu yuan & other; Jiu ge & throughout; The same.