“On”, a 98 – year – old barber shave hair artisan mountain again for the neighborhood When the movie hero


jing big ye to the door with a small neighbor to shave hair hair

is the lunar February 23, the day of the dragon looked up, the citizens to get a good heat, have entered the shop, the old new head hair shaved. Yesterday morning, reporters came to jingshan west street, xicheng district lie in the alley, the old barber jing kui, a 98 – year – old has been closed for many years, to this day, still some customers, who were better off in a few times, the figure is a blessing.

the big ye jing, a 98 – year – old this year, in 80 years, shave hair when I was young and in tsinghua university gates open two barber shops, store fire when hiring a dozen disciple, professors, students, government, and the people are all his guests, fu zuoyi, ma chan-shan, ShangXiaoYun some senior figures such as among them. After the founding, his store shut down, then a person pushing a car, a lane to shave hair. Until 92 years old, he is still on the tricycle, from jingshan west street riding to area, for more than two dozen regulars had their heads shaved.

the big ye jing to shave hair patrons not to make money, 3 yuan, 5 yuan, because has a deep affection for many years. In 2001, it has been for his documentary “the big ye jing and his patrons. In 2006, he was playing the film “hd”, won awards in the world. He has been a lot of people in Beijing even outsiders know. In recent years, the big ye jing is weak, no longer making something to the person, unless someone knock, & other; Came into the house, and not by somebody else’s face. Throughout the &;

yesterday morning, the big ye jing home than usual busy some, more than 10 square meters room hasn’t been broken. There are road flyover to touch happiness far and for heat neighbor kid. & other; Hair has not when I was young, her two down son are ok. Throughout the &; The big ye jing said, since the finished film, will be scattered to some people who were in the home, there are also foreigner foreigners. Especially came a few days ago, a gaobeidian employers, let the old man shave baldheaded, facing to the hard left 300 yuan for the craft, jing big ye also worry that the hand shake not making something at first, didn’t work well.

a cramped room, under the people’s attention, the old man take cloth clip for the guest, to prepare a haircut. He slowly opened an old bag, bag out serving all kinds of hair products. Hair cutter, scissors, a comb each has more than 20 years of history. & other; When young, today very busy from morning till night. Now old, not quality, it is good to cut a few times can let a guest happy. Throughout the &; The big ye jing said that while pointing with scissors.