On: leave the CCTV live well Old stage also forget the word (FIG.)

on missed by many people on the Internet, now he took drama “shocking dinner” to come to meet with the audience, belong to the peoples.

Core tip:

he ate a noodles, we laugh for 27 years; He acted in a FeiBing b, we think of him as soon as we mention FeiBing; He dared to challenge and state television, not afraid to be anyone block; He dress up as ugly, his acting, he plant trees, to do everything they want to do, or have to do. No matter what he does, there are a lot of people to support him. What’s his name Chen Xiaoer, his name is Chen pei si.

on to guangzhou, many people told me ask this ask that. The name was too long, too familiar, inserted in each adult Chinese life, along with people to grow up. Speaking of him, each people will emerge that is full of happy feeling face, he in his own image engraving for many only belongs to the Chinese keywords, such as & other; Throughout the Spring Festival gala &; , such as & other; Sketch & throughout; , such as & other; Block & throughout; , such as & other; The soho & throughout; .

he to three minutes later, a man walked into the room, striped t-shirts, cotton trousers, and a pair of brown thousand old cloth shoes, with a thick layer like directly from the movie to come out of twenty years ago.

he explain: & other; The plane quickly rehearsals, and then, or late. Throughout the &; Sat down naturally, unscrew carry a plastic cup to drink saliva, began to chat. His most like to say oneself stage and play, on the second day of the shocking dinner show, difficult adaptation and running-in process, comic art of exploration & hellip; & hellip; Each question a mouth, he responded quickly, very fast.

start also concerns will he didn’t want to mention more than a decade ago by CCTV blocked events & ndash; In early 1999, Chen pei si found CCTV’s international television China corporation published and issued him without authorization and shimao zhu creation show “noodles”, “film” and so on eight sketch VCD discs, seek the solution had to resort to law and provide on received more than 160000 yuan of tort damages. The matter through a series of media cause & other; CCTV blocked storm & throughout; Escalation, a direct result of using the both sides, each station and performance units did not dare to chase him again, he also disappear completely from the stage. But he did not mind, craigslist, and before the media is sharply.

says he will face upwards to the funny ha ha laugh, very comfortable, so helpless, for many years and we thought that is not worth and uneven, basic no clue in his calm face.

in the same play a role play

time weekly: not accustomed to guangzhou?

on: not used. Pour hot not afraid, afraid a hot cold, in and out of the air conditioning room, the temperature changes unceasingly, immediately the body reaction, throat is very tight, throat tight vocal cords is uncomfortable, afraid to affect performance on stage.

time weekly: usually don’t open air conditioning?

on: I rarely open air conditioning in Beijing over the past few years. I turn off the air conditioning the rehearsal, why? Is afraid of a cold one hot, influence of the show, and we all turn off the air conditioner, until the show finished, the home also as far as possible without air conditioning, get into the habit now.

time weekly: can you explain the “shocking dinner this time?

on: it is a French film adaptation of the classic works, we modified with rehearsals for one year before and after time, because it is a foreign works, we can expect it to localization, as far as possible to reduce the distance and the audience as far as possible, as far as possible with foreign culture, let the Chinese can adapt, accept it. First show in Beijing originally was a bit uneasy, but the effect is very good.

time weekly: this time of your role in the play is stupid, there’s an old version of publishers is you play? Elite is because it appears that not enough, so change the role?

on: yes, I used to play publishers, elite. Play a fool this time. Last round performance when everyone feel refreshing, think you should play a successful person, really. Play stupid like no brains, a born comedian. Do it now, over the years the self control ability on the stage in enhancement. So you want to change the role to play a play, is very interesting.

time weekly: you play to play there is not much, because the problem of language?

on: not because of the language, I feel or show the mediation, marketing problem. Cultural marketing is actually a commercial behavior, like selling fruit, how do you sell this box apple, how to sell, how do you sell a good price, it is a science. Because in the past, we are both within the system life, literature and art is too tightly in a golden cage bird, market and have no experience, market is disjointed with us. We are short of cultural mediation, especially lack of this kind of businessman, merchants can promote cultural products. There is no this aspect of education, teaching material, want to take foreign cases and materials to China to take and don’t come, because the environment is different. You take foreign textbooks to, you said your agent so a show, you through what procedure to need to do, you must be done to come to China, you don’t know which declare to path, which foreigners know to culture bureau for the record!

wisdom is higher, the lower the punchline

time weekly: are you involved in several kinds of comic art form, which like the most?

on: or play for fun. Closer to human relations, to directly face the people, so far the impossible of the rehearsal, everyone to stand on a stage together, need the tacit understanding, increase a lot of communication between people.

time weekly: play through every stage of feeling?

on: breathe a sigh of relief. Because it is just like the athletes to race, every time is a contest, the game play is very easy, then you have to summarize the stage have what problem, what happened, how to improve, every day such a summary.

time weekly: did you forget the word on the stage?

on: yes. , want to have to let the audience look not to come out, let the opponents have to go down, this is the tacit understanding. Before I often meet somebody else, somebody else & other; Deep Fried tripe & throughout; I’ll get it. Now I also often have forgetten the word. Can’t, old.

time weekly: up to now, is there a character is your favorite?

on: I particularly like gowardesh gowardesh and black girl inside, at the time of creation, enjoy the feeling of love to enjoy the process of creation and performance.

time weekly: comedy play for so many years, has been facing the audience, what changes do you think of the audience?

on: I think the audience is more and more easy to laugh, laugh some lower, not to say that the vulgar & other; Low & throughout; , is the induction of humor increased. Why is that? A man’s wisdom is developed, smart, the punchline is low, low amount of intelligence a person if, he doesn’t love to laugh, it is difficult to be amused. A more open inclusive city, the punchline is lower, also is a reason.

time weekly: but now there are not many good comedy.

on: is that a comedy actor now lack of ability. No, no, found that this is one of them. Second is beside the point, there is no way, so had to learn the somebody else, what he has, I will go to imitate, this is our problem. This problem is more serious, this is not happen overnight, is not only the problem of artists skill, is our art education itself, we don’t have any comic education art education in this course, everything from scratch.

time weekly: have you considered some efforts in this aspect, contribute some of their own experience?

on: yes, I am a few years ago by the Shanghai theater academy invited to speak to a few lessons, put some of my experience has taught them, and they said, if you think your theory is tenable, can practice? Just found a 05 session class director, gave me play to their play, drama, in my way I play, don’t look at the audience. The results of A class into four groups, four groups of people together, on the first day of A and B Angle, in the first half in the first two ACTS is A, after two curtain is B, the second day in C, D Angle. It is play down all smile, and it is not a college internal play, is foreign sales. A great success.

time weekly: I feel good comedy have pressure, in one thousand we set the point no one above, one of that?

on: change, why, want to ask myself, can’t ask others, ask yourself why, ask out, modify good try, try again also don’t smile.

time weekly: but will a thing has been tried, in the end you have no feeling?

on: first put a put, put one year, two years, three years. Like the report that the postman “from 1991, 1991 to the CCTV Spring Festival evening, was brushed off, do you think is bad, can’t say which is not good, anyway, we all feel bad, that we both went away. Have waited a long time, take out seven years later, change to another thing, completely different.

& other; I have advertising revenue & throughout;

time weekly: speaking of China central television (CCTV), we think that you have with CCTV in court that had a great influence on your life, if not be CCTV blocked, later will more smoothly?

on: it is certainly not smooth. Your face is like climbing a mountain never end, every day to climb, you will feel very tired, very failure, there is frustration on old every day, without a sense of achievement. Because you are a man of a system, you will always be frustrated, you can never get comfortable enjoy.

time weekly: an essay on Spring Festival gala exactly how hard is it?

on: first in those years is better, not to say that I have a program for the Spring Festival gala on how how, but to put their best work in this stage, everyone together to play, even the director and deputy director together to play, story line or not, where good is bad, freely talk, you think of some way to help you complete the program. Then not line, under the table, a row of people review use captious eye to see, it can’t stand it. Comedy in particular, it can’t test you the possibility of a comedy, it’s not a normal environment, because the people review can’t represent the real audience. But it is these reviewers decide you into this work or not, so when I was a little do not bottom go to. The lawsuit is god to give me a step, just don’t want to do.

time weekly: turn later stage, but also a success.

on: this is my lucky, go to point. When one is television, a drama is the lowest, I enter. Like a stock, you buy is going up, when you bought the right. The so-called bad is you just bought it down. Have a question of luck, my luck is good.

time weekly: that do you have any life trough?

on: there must be some, but not as bad as outsiders said, I have been doing quite good. May also have no, then no must get, get is particularly painful that kind of feeling.

time weekly: baidu post bar, the first placed at the top of the post is supported on to return to China central television (CCTV), please sign in, there are more than thirty thousand fans to the signature, I beg you to come back to the central television station. There is a voice saying is if you don’t have from Spring Festival gala, maybe there would be no today.

on: this can’t say that, because before I left, the somebody else had come out, this does not exist who left the who, in fact the earth from anyone, really.

time weekly: if gala invite you now, where would you go?

on: don’t have time to go. The past for more than ten minutes, take out half a year’s time, grinding repeatedly, repeatedly censored, very painful a process, so every year. For more than ten years, is one of the best time to it, finally you will find a very unfortunate ending, so I don’t want to go to that day. God give me a step down, I’m really very grateful to the heaven.

time weekly: when you are the most difficult feeling?

on: I don’t have difficulties.

time weekly: when all television system don’t you play, your company also met with some difficulties, and then had to go to plant trees, there is no other choice?

on: that is fabricated, according to a lot of data together. Actually we plant trees is contracted barren hills, at that time, Beijing has a policy to encourage the contracted barren hills, said celebrity belt head, is a good relationship with city leaders at that time, he said let me take size, I will go.

time weekly: in fact is a very happy choice. It seems a lot of things must be face to face to know the truth.

on: yeah. Just when I meet an advertisement with my contract, a contract will take money to change the mountain, don’t have to. The mountain appreared barren, later found that is not, as long as no one to destroy it, protect you well, it’ll grow up. Of land, hold world with virtue, originally do not understand, actually land that is the case.

time weekly: don’t plant trees?