On obsessed drama: each state is different Enjoy the process

on, the once to cheer countless Chinese TV viewers, say goodbye to the CCTV Spring Festival gala in 1998, he was almost on the TV screen & other; Disappear & throughout; . Now, he’s fascination with play in love, he want to use their own way to make the improvement of comic art is a whole. Under the stage, on never fear of losing the audience, he think the audience the frames in the history of his memory, is also a beautiful thing.

about drama

six books now, like the art

during the vanke drama festival, Chen pei si will be there with drama “shocking dinner” to connect. The play in the first round of the tour a great success, in the second round of the tour, on the role of the publisher Pierre became a fool than to get. As to replace the role of reason, is because the original play than two actors get booked during the second round of the tour.

on think, Pierre and than he played well. Before play publisher, he embodies the noble rocks on stage the audience very recognition, now in play a worm, audience and experienced another kind of feeling. & other; I’m acting to more than 50 years old, now gradually into a kind of freedom. I don’t care much about what others say, and how to care about my own efforts to close to the people. Throughout the &; On said, publishers, the rocks is very big, gestures are aura. Even in the most difficult time, the role is to keep the upper decent rocks of the characters, but he was constantly little shake, the feeling is very wonderful.

from the original & other; On the stage comedy trilogy & throughout; “Care”, “balcony”, “good friends and relatives” accounting, and then the history of the comedy “dou”, suspense comedy is old curtilage, the shocking supper is on the sixth drama works. Gradually, drama was his super love an art. On that play is the need to constantly create, update a form of art, unlike movies, TV shows, play can leave. Play every play a different state, & other; I really enjoy the process. Throughout the &;

never hard never fear losing audience

talk out

since 1998, decided to leave the stage, on almost on the TV screen & other; Disappear & throughout; . Have all sorts of rumors, leave after the Spring Festival gala, Chen pei si very difficult, is each big television station & other; Block & throughout; . On said, these are some of the media reports. In fact, he never felt difficult, of course there’s going to be a trough, but he is not the kind of person who desire is very strong, not to get what.

choose drama, Chen pei si feel this road is not difficult. Than his previous choice of movies, TV shows much more simple. & other; Because play is very simple, it is purely a way. Throughout the &; Out of the screen, the audience on never worry that they will be lost. & other; Because I used to work in it, people miss, also in miss that time on. If I do nothing over the years, adventurous, I could be abandoned early. Fortunately, there are still many audience thinking of me. Throughout the &; Chen pei si said. Actually, Chen pei si also missed the audience. However, he would prefer to have the audience can see his change. & other; If the audience on the drama stage saw me, I believe you will see my progress. Throughout the &; On that control the sketch shows ten to twenty minutes, and manage one or two hours of play is very different, the latter need deeper acting skill. This edition is consistency by chief reporter rival to write

by the way

His private life

& other; I’m not against son according to their interest in the development, but in the entertainment circle still have to depend on oneself’s strength, the father who is all useless. Throughout the &;

& ndash; & ndash; A year ago, the media exposure on the photograph of her son, and said he intends to let his son into the entertainment industry.

& other; His father was too old, can’t go out now. My father and I live together, there is no performance I just stay at home, and ministered unto him of life daily life, keep the father feels good. Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; Chen Jiang said to the father, on filial piety.

& other; In real life, I was a too common ordinary people. No rehearsals, performances, I will do the housework at home. I didn’t want to earn much money, how much fame and wealth, as it is now real good. Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; On that stage, he is an ordinary person.


on improvement & other; Dinner & throughout;

this drama festival special invited popular in Beijing, Shanghai and other places of blockbuster drama “shocking dinner” to connect. The shocking supper adapted from France & other; A fool comedy & throughout; Head Francis & middot; D bear the classical structure of the comedy the super idiot, starred by domestic famous comedian on. The play is due on December 17, 18, in the people’s culture club. At the end of 2010, “shocking dinner” once the first tour in Beijing, Shanghai and other places, has been the industry and the audience’s consistent high praise. Keep improving on has not satisfied with the first round of the show’s success, he thought the first half of the play ground time is too long, some not too orientation on part of the Chinese aesthetic habits. Therefore, people “ecomax” daring on not wreck a charm under the premise of the original script structure and comedy to play & other; Operation & throughout; , has carried on the double adjustment on the structure and the plot.

at the same time, Chen pei si is still in the new “shocking dinner” regain role, play by play small disciple in France than in person.