“On the tip of the tongue of China” cannes film festival poster: bacon like Chinese landscape

“on the tip of the tongue of China” the posters of the cannes film festival, is the main element look nearly a slice of bacon far looks like Chinese landscape, full of Chinese lasting appeal.

we didn’t anticipate, documentary with food as the theme of “on the tip of the tongue of China” the limelight these days have all sorts of TV series, pressure be days of weibo & other; Brush screen edge tool & throughout; And high on subject, and even let many already & other; Abandon & throughout; The TV after 80 & other; Version & throughout; Have locked every evening 22:30, a set of CCTV, wait for this & other; Version guide & throughout; . Why the prime-time broadcast a documentary, swept the country quickly?

reporter interviewed a number of industry insiders and the TV audience, the perfect fusion of humanities and community contributed to the film’s unique temperament. From “on the tip of the tongue of China”, reflect the Chinese documentary from & other Look up & throughout; To & other; Heads up & throughout; The new trend.

common taste + cultural taste, make it different from all previous food programs

many viewers said that show the image of Chinese cuisine, more is the cooking master or masters cuisine, cuisine genre, local characteristics to structure, the show is a superb cooking and the process of heavy and complicated, to be able to see the TV programs also more with & other Game & throughout; The form of. And the tongue of China “with thick life breath and grassroots breath, let it to stand out in the past too much Chinese food show. Civic and cultural harmony & other; Mix & throughout; , “on the tip of the tongue of China” is the most prominent of the success.

in the first part “the flavor of the time,” a netizen to & other; Shrimp paste grandma & throughout; Memory. Tai o on the island of Hong Kong, an old lady in the middle of small workshops to produce very popular brand of shrimp paste. To the picture on the wall, granny suddenly cried. The original photo is grandmother the late his wife, they do together for a lifetime of shrimp paste. & other; The taste of time & throughout; So the audience’s heart. As chief director Chen Xiaoqing said, “on the tip of the tongue of China” is through the food to show the story of ordinary Chinese life condition.

& other; I miss mom’s rice & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; A net friend in weibo speech get warm response, we have said, watching the documentary, allow yourself to finish up the flavor of the mother, the taste of childhood, the taste of home. “On the tip of the tongue of China” let everybody see not delicate & other; Cooking textbooks & throughout; , but to see the street food and grassroots of real life.

& other; The original lotus root is black! Throughout the &; This is after a 85 viewers on weibo to deliver what they thought of it, and get the response quickly. For many don’t know sesame long underground or in the tree after 80 or even 70 later said, see “on the tip of the tongue of China” one of the biggest harvest is to know the original ecological food.

& other; I to the film the identity of the general counsel, & quot; Don’t ugly & quot; Agree. Throughout the &; This is a senior & other; Version & throughout; , a food columnist shen hongfei on twitter for “China” on the tip of the tongue fairly modest recommended language. In an interview with various media shen hongfei also said that many young people don’t know where food comes from, also don’t understand the grassroots people how to eat, this film still and ingredients of relations and the state.

& other; I see, every set of really unique! In fact it is not food, but further behind food cultural heritage, is a modern society people how to treat food, in harmony with nature. Throughout the &; Cultural scholars guitar qiu said “on the tip of the tongue of China”. In a variety of additives, food safety has been unprecedented attention today, emphasis on the safety of the traditional diet concept fits the needs of people.

& other; We will through the Chinese cuisine of multiple profiles, to feel the food brought to Chinese life rituals, ethics, interesting aspects of cultural traits. Throughout the &; This is the slogan of the film. Also as guitar qiu said, food high, every day eating delicacies doesn’t mean the noble way of life. This film is to tell you, the most remote and isolated, the most common kitchen can taste the best of human, which rose to the east of the intelligence aspect of the survival of life values.