One hundred puzzle: a woman? Lu xun, zhou zuoren brothers and ties to the death

in the winter of 1919, zhou brothers end of alien life for a long time, finally bought eight bay 11. The place in today’s xinjiekou. After years of separation, the three brothers finally realize happy, they also put the hard all his life the old mother to Beijing to support together.

as and zhou zuo-ren are thriving in career and life in time, they do in the summer of 1923, cut off suddenly. Since then, as a researcher reference puts it, in the book of songs – xiao & other; Qiming east and west have evening & throughout; , & other; Two stars never meet each other & throughout; . It reminds people of lu xun’s mother LuRui once said to Sue Xu Qinwen four sister xu envy: & other; Dragon master lu xun to take a dharma name & ndash; & ndash; Chang gung memorial, the original is a star name, called shaoxing & lsquo; Dusk shaw & rsquo; . Zhou zuoren is called enlightenment, is also a star name, called & lsquo; Even shaw & rsquo; , two stars never meet each other. Throughout the &; Originally, lu xun and zhou zuoren in small of the time by the wizard to take way to home, called chang gong lu xun, zhou zuoren qiming, when brothers and their mother memories of the past, only to find that, it seems to be already doomed.

murphy, lu xun and zhou zuoren and turns out to be an act of god? If not, what is going on?

check zhou zuoren and lu xun’s diary, until & other; Estrangement & throughout; On the eve of the incident, their brother’s feelings are very well. In January 1923, they had invited Shen Shiyuan, shen yin-mo, common Zhang Feng on March 8, in the same year, zhou zuoren in the journal morning vice engrave “oasis seven – play”, the article recalled childhood under the greening write and play play with lu xun, brotherhood and fond memories of the past.

since then, they had a total YouZhongShan park, attended Peking University students Xu Qinwen, Dong Qiufang groups such as literary community spring club meetings, and as you guide.

in June, the two brothers elements of modern Japanese stories will be published by the commercial press published, department of zhou zuoren, 11 in lu xun’s translation in this paper, zhou zuoren translation articles.

July 3, zhou zuoren and lu xun also walks east market, and to the willow road bookstore, in the diary left & other; Buy the yungang grottoes statue photo fourteen, and positive definite this pictorial Buddha three, a total of six yuan star anise & throughout; The recorded.

however, on July 19, 1923, zhou zuoren has suddenly put a dear John letter to lu xun. The letter is very short, : & other; Mr Lu xun: I know, only yesterday & ndash; & ndash; But don’t have to say about the past. I am not a Christian, but fortunately, still can have, also don’t want to blame who, & ndash; & ndash; Everyone is the poor. I rose before original dream is illusory, now see or is the true life. I want to revised my thoughts, into a new life. Later please don’t come to back yard, there’s no other words. Wishing you peace of mind and self-respect. July 18, as people. Throughout the &;

it is said that on this night rain. Zhou zuoren has been in the “mighty” v. the night of rain, & other; Beijing besides chance someone happy to put a few firecrackers, total also quiet at night, hua hua of the rain in my ears have not very habits, so often it awakened, adhesion is also seemed to fall asleep feel ear. Something like noodles, an uncomfortable sleep & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; So, this night, lu xun also was awakened by a few degrees?

on July 19, zhou zuoren diaries have & other Send the misty, phoenix for letter, letter of lu xun & throughout; 1. Only simple words mentioned in lu xun’s diary: & other; After morning qi meng, self sustaining the letter invited to ask, not. Throughout the &; Qi meng zhou zuoren. Obviously, when lu xun and zhou zuoren communication, rejected by his own brother.

so, lu xun and zhou zuoren’s home to eat, separately from the beginning lu xun soon moved out eight bay, and Juan and his mother a new house.

on August 2, zhou zuoren recorded in his diary: & other; In the afternoon L couples live 2-foot-tall tower alley. Throughout the &; L means that lu xun. Obviously, in zhou zuoren’s diary, has been reluctant to mention the name of lu xun. On the same day, also in his diary to write down: lu xun & other; The rain, the afternoon ji. Afternoon with woman moves 2-foot-tall tower alley no. 61. Throughout the &; A simple language, let people today have no way of knowing, when lu xun to move out from the eight bay, the in the mind.

& have spent

on June 11, 1924, lu xun, zhou zuoren relations deteriorate to the point. On the day of lu xun in his diary angrily wrote down the following words: & other; & hellip; & hellip; Afternoon to get books eight bay house and even, than in the west wing, and prominent meng and his wife scold Li beaten, by phone and called for a long time and Zhang Fengju, Xu Yaochen, his wife to the above charges, I yelled, where fabrication is not round, the rev. Meng is the rescue. Then take a book, and implement. Throughout the &; It is said that at that time, zhou zuoren had picked up a foot to lu xun’s head image of lion copper incense burner, thanks to catch others, rob, not to hit. And Zhou Jianren also once heard the mother say, lu xun in the west wing to pick up a terracotta pillow (a kind of antiquities), threw to zhou zuoren, they step down.

lu xun, zhou zuoren brothers, a unexpectedly to & other; Scold Li beating & throughout; Onlookers,, that’s incredible.

what’s going on? Who also said not clearly.

about him, and as the party of lu xun and zhou zuoren in basic keep silent. For this matter, lu xun himself without a word, published during his lifetime. Zhou zuoren has repeatedly said: & other; Don’t argue. Throughout the &; Recorded in the knowledge hall to remember – don’t argue (on) “in the said: I love & other; To illustrate my good generally, it is bound to say first the other person’s fault. Otherwise also always give some hidden things for material, it is not easy to say well, or don’t want to say, so even defend effectively, but said the garret, is funny enough, is it not the front drive the tiger and the back door into the Wolf? Throughout the &;

so that happened in the eight bay, is covered with a layer of mystery.

Opinions vary

about zhou brothers quarreled, since August 1923 was circulated in society all sorts of suspicion, others say lu xun bath son reading toba letters have been discovered, caused & other; The May 4th movement & throughout; Binary estrangement; Some will say lu xun zhou zuoren is not, Dally with sister-in-law, were refused by the feather is too believes in the son, brother estrangement; Some said zhou brothers because of different cultural point of view, coupled with the toba believes in the son to provoke, caused the results; More people, however, set of lu xun to Freud’s psychology, said he was too letter for feather is coveted, sexual repression is not release, so tried to seduce his wife, was rejected, then become angry from embarrassment, and zhou zuoren couple after a plane out of the eight bay. Such as these, curious about the world.

today, to lu xun’s brother estrangement, scholars, according to the relevant materials for many different speculation. But one thing researchers agree, that is, lu xun and zhou zuoren’s relations, not a political stance and the principle of a big problem, such as different, but because of some trivial but entanglements caused by family conflicts.

as Zhou Jianren thought in the article “lu xun and zhou zuoren, lu xun and zhou zuoren breakup, & other; Not in politics, differences of views, but in disputes between family & throughout; . Zhou Jianren left Beijing to Shanghai on May 14, 1923, failing to witness the family dispute, however, his younger brother, as lu xun and zhou zuoren view nature won’t be wrong. However, people still can’t help to ask next: the so-called family disputes is what?

it is on this problem, researchers have debated. However, these are a diverse group, but they all with zhou zuoren’s wife toba son.