One of the oldest mummy’s curse: forensic traffic accident die photography died from a brain tumor

in the winter of 2010, at a town in bolzano, Italy in the museum, two men wearing light blue masks, put on a green surgical suit. They open the door to the chamber of secrets, moving a frozen corpses to spread the sterile aluminum foil box compartments. Body back toward the operating lamp, leathery brown and crossed his legs together, & other; Just like the suffering Christ & throughout; .

he is not an ordinary murder victims. In the autumn of 1991, a German couple in Italy, exploring the Alps, found in the valley as deep as 3000 meters this corpse down in the snow and ice. People think he is the modern climber, an accident can be when Austrian authorities on the laboratory test, found the body of eyes had died 5300 years ago, is likely to be the oldest mummies.

was found according to the site, the buried in the ice and snow man named & other; Ozzy & throughout; . Snow gave him the best protection, until it was found that when the pores on his skin is still clearly visible, brown eyes and is in good condition. Otzi dress made of sheepskin, deerskin, tree bark and grass three layers of clothing, wearing a hat and sheepskin shin guards. Side is placed with an axe of copper and one containing 14 arrow quiver.

in dead more than 5000 years, he has a perfect peace. But when modern humans discovered, otzi the iceman’s dignity disappeared.

Austria in 1991, the first to obtain the mummy, they give in survey sampling otzi opened the multiple incision. But soon after, the bodies were found to prove in Italy, otzi was shipped to bolzano. In the first few years, scientists have to put him out of the freezer, please every month, in order to prevent decay, they only 20 minutes, do a CT scan or X-ray inspection.

but in November 2010, the scientists decided to give him the first comprehensive autopsy. Lisa is one of the leading forensic Michael martelly, his usual work is to ensure that the chamber of secrets and preserve his body snow mountain environment conditions completely consistent, and that one day, he has the temperature of the laboratory to the 18 degrees Celsius, to help oz thaw. Another forensic is a local pathologist Virgil, he is often referred to as & other; Throughout the iceman’s family doctor &; , he will pass & other; Austrian window & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Researchers left those initial incision & ndash; & ndash; An autopsy.

scientists hold your breath for these steps, & other; Such an overhaul is not small, many, many years later don’t again on the second. Throughout the &;

the people want to know the killing of otzi’s kidnapper. Initially, archaeologists believe that otzi was a shepherd were freeze to death in a blizzard. There was speculation that he is a religious ceremony of sacrifice. Until 2001, radiologists gaussian Turner from the scans found that otzi’s left shoulder was into one of the arrow. It is this & other; An arrow shot from hiding & throughout; Pierced the chest inside the arteries, leading to massive hemorrhage. According to appear empty stomach, it is believed that the arrow after the iceman escaped into the Alps, and eventually die alone.

but after a few years, and he broke the conjecture. Though retired, but it is said that each day at home thinking about the iceman’s CT scan images remains his biggest hobby. The radiologist found in 2009, over the years, researchers have been the iceman empty thought is the stomach, colon can be real already crowded under the thoracic stomach, and it is full. This at least shows that otzi had feasted on before dying, and a hunted man the one who is, won’t have such a leisurely mood. People have to find the iceman’s cause of death.

this is the day, the museum collection of surgeons, pathologists, microbiologists, technicians and other 7 teams in the unprecedented comprehensive autopsy. Throughout the check for more than nine hours, then, Mr Michael martelly immediately dispatch at room temperature to below zero, oz returned to the frozen world.

but since his 149 tissue samples of refrigerator has been filled with lab, the analysis of these samples will take years, & other; Enough to write 50 paper & throughout; .

this year on August 17, a paper published in the archaeology of science shows that otzi & other; Throughout the last supper &; Is very abundant, including the red deer meat, wild goat, grain bread and vegetables. Archaeologists speculate that is likely to be distracted this big meal let oz, that he may be the enemy of the sniper’s shot hit. Also have another way of saying that the injured oz is ultimately ethnic as a well-respected soldiers were buried, because he was around the bow and arrow, copper ax and other goods are put orderly.

the curse of death seems never far from the iceman. Unarmed, to otzi’s bones forensic dug up from the snow and ice, due to traffic accident died in the second year. Responsible for guiding a helicopter carrying guide died in an avalanche, filmed by excavation process of photographers in 2004 died from a brain tumor. That same year, the original discoverer Simon slip fall cliffs.

Simon’s death, when otzi, innsbruck university history professor, head of the investigation team, pentax, was asked by reporters, does he believe & other; Otzi curse & throughout; , the professor replied bluntly: & other; Not at all. Or you will say next be me. Throughout the &;

unfortunately, just after one year, complications, pentax, le eventually died of multiple sclerosis.