When choosing a career or a new career path, there are a lot of things to consider. Is your new career something you enjoy doing? Will this field financially provide for your needs? Is there room for growth? These are all serious questions to consider, especially with the technological advances and changes that are rapidly happening daily; it’s hard to predict what the future holds. It may be more important than ever to base your career path on what might be right around the corner, possibly in a direction that is down a road a little less traveled. Here are of the smartest online degree programs to pursue as listed by“College Vault”.


Really any online degree programs in engineering will do. Whether you choose civil, mechanical, industrial, aerospace, computers or any number of specific engineer tracks, you are sure to be in high demand.

Engineers are professionals who solve real world problems using mathematics, science and technology, which are all excellent subjects to study online. You need to be an analytical and logical thinker as well as an innovator of new ideas to succeed in this profession. Getting your online bachelor engineering degree will get your foot in the door while continuing your education and staying current with the latest technology will ensure your job position for years to come.


Similar to an engineering degree, an online computer science degree can give you endless career options and has a very positive job outlook in the years to come. With technology, robotics and computers constantly evolving, there is always a need for professionals who know how to build, operate, code and debug these systems.

Acquiring marketable skills and continuing your education will be an important part of your job security when pursuing your online computer science degree. You might even consider some online business or management degrees to go along with your computer science degree in order to stay competitive in the job market.


Today’s business world is becoming increasingly global. Selecting one of the online degree programs that specializes in navigating international concerns could place you well in advance of those in traditional business programs. Employers and business need people who understand international finance, laws and tax codes, and that is where your online degree in international business or finance would come in very handy. Knowing or studying a foreign language will also put you ahead of the pack and can help secure your career.


Why choose a career in public health? Because you care. Earning your online public health degree puts you in a field that is constantly evolving and changing to keep up with the demands of the public, communities and the populations around the world. Thanks to public health professionals, many people are alive and continue to thrive with the help of initiatives like vaccines, family planning, water and clean air standards and motor vehicle laws, just to name a few. Understanding federal policy and health care are things that are very important in people’s daily lives and will ensure that your path in public will be around indefinitely.