Ever think about going back to school to get your degree, or continuing on for an advanced degree? You may wonder if the time and effort are even worth it. Does a college degree really matter as much as the marketers for college try to tell you?

The answer is “yes.” With the exception of a few rare instances, you will be better off in your life and career with a degree than if you don’t have one.

• More job opportunities

• Better pay

• Increased satisfaction

Plus, you enjoy a feeling of success for having achieved this goal that can’t be measured by numbers or statistics.


Your current employer may recognize the value in your contributions but not every employer will consider someone without a degree. Unless you go back to school and choose one of the online degree programs that are available, you will be limited in your job search.

You may also reach a limit on how high you can promote up within your current company. Even if you learn the necessary skills on the job, some career options will only be open to those with a college degree. Why limit yourself and your future when there are accredited online colleges that allow you to get that important degree?


Some people see a college degree as just a piece of paper that doesn’t carry much meaning in the real world. The fact is that it does carry weight for another piece of paper – your paycheck. Employees with a college degree can usually command a higher salary than someone who doesn’t have that education.

While many career options require a degree for you to even get a job, those employers that will consider a candidate without the degree will most likely pay them less than someone that has the education. If your goal is to earn a higher salary for a better quality of living, a college degree is the best way to get there.


Take two qualified candidates for a position. Both have about the same level and length of experience. One has a college degree and the other doesn’t. Who is going to get hired? All other things being equal, it will be the one with the degree.

It may be a two-year against a four-year degree or a person with an advanced degree competing against someone with an undergraduate education. Whatever the case may be, you will have the advantage over other job applicants if you are the one that possesses the better education. No, it’s not a guarantee that you will get the job every time, but you might as well give yourself every opportunity to beat out the competition.

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