Only with biological mother incest in the history of the emperor: mother make emperor desire more sheng?

incest, have always been scorned. But the world so big, wide world out there.

this kind of human events, we often see in the novel or drama only in the past. Such as the works of “thunderstorm”, Zhou Ping of fan yi and her stepmother is not love; Zhou Ping sibling relationships with four sister lu. The former know so longitudinal, then remove to escape, but the end without blood relationship; The beginning without knowing, it is half, flesh that affection, finally both killed in the tragedy.

everyone is impressive and, in a dream of red mansions Jia Zhen and daughter-in-law qin ke & other; PaHui & throughout; Words and their stories, this is a typical & other; Claus eat throughout daughter-in-law &; .

actually, in the history of imperial palace life, weng between adult or a child with her stepmother vain things happen. Such as the tang dynasty, the emperor tang (Li Zhi) and the empress wu (wu meiniang); So tang (lung-chi lee) and Yang (jade bracelet), but the two love case, also how many there are human. But more ridiculous than the tang dynasty is the han dynasty, the period, the king of jiangdu fornication palace, and even the girl refused to let go his own, finally is to rectify ChaoGang emperor incurred great anger, just to be slain.

but there is more shocking than those of incest, of things according to the history of the south & middot; song book of records, in filial piety, emperor wudi & other; The queen mother in YangDian. Worshipping in boudoir, very few, a royal, or check the queen room, so did their folk, salty are ugly. GongYe things secret, don’t can also. Throughout the &; Meaning that is to say, the queen mother road male in showing YangDian, filial piety often enter the queen mother of the emperor wudi stay inside the room, provoked a folk angrily.

the problem is that rare beauty kindly man is filial piety jun liu’s birth mother, emperor wudi folk are unlikely to accept such a rumor.

we introduce road first queen mother life history:

the way men, works of emperor emperor wen of southern song shu apologise, because of the elegance and unique, have suffered emperor wen of southern song. Historical records, & other; LuShuYuan width, and human, proceed with caution & throughout; , due to the poor to fawn, gave birth to a son jun liu, soon lose the emperor’s favor. Dubbed “wuling jun liu arrived at the age of five, is the king, must to the fief wuling living life. So jun liu age is still small, as a mother LuShuYuan ask wen emperor to let her go to wuling in order to take care of his son’s daily life. This year, beautiful LuShuYuan was twenty-four years old.

to jun liu, 23 years old, city health insurgency, taizi Liu Shao collusion shixing brother Wang Liujun killed his father emperor, self-reliance for the emperor. In February, Liu Shao acceded to the throne after he began to reign, and he to jun liu hands holding the relieving general Shen Qingzhi wrote a gifts, command he killed jun liu. But I didn’t think Shen Qingzhi defect, determined to help jun liu mother and child, after everything is ready, pledging jun liu ordered the martial law, the punitive Liu Shao. Jun liu to the quartet punitive campaign, make them mutual crusade Liu Shao. States county received a campaign, all up and response. Conquering went well, good news. In April of this year, jun liu proclaimed himself he began to reign, and he scored city health and in May, killing Liu Shao quelled rebellion.

event is set, the jun liu honour for mother LuShuYuan queen mother, named wang made his queen, and sent men to go up and meet their capital. Because of busy, jun liu and mother separated very long, especially to miss. Today against the success, but also can’t wait to reunite with my mom and share the joy of this grand mother. Big pendulum banquet to celebrate, is ready, only the mother, the mother to have a good compensation for years of the cold shoulder and suffering.

too later in the capital, jun liu immediately greeted with out of the city, and meet each other in an instant, jun liu, also attend to not top etiquette, hugged each other tightly to cry, for a long time do not want to separate. Jun liu wanted to spend more time with his mother’s, but because there are too many business, so in the mother after access to the city, only reluctantly left the mother, went to busy other things.

on this night, jun liu as usual busy didn’t go to sleep late into the night. In his sleep, jun liu dream in plagued a concubine of infatuated as he, suddenly found the concubine unexpectedly is his own mother! I do not know why, it made him even more excited. Jun liu was also woke up, he found himself sweaty clothes.

is the statue of queen mother ceremony letter the next day. Jun liu because of last night’s dream, hard to avoid some not in the face of the mother nature, and all of the physical mother is so elegant and beautiful, has over 40, it can be years did not left any mark on her face, the extreme soul-stirring charm is still like that. Jun liu don’t want to see her mother, but I couldn’t help it, at the same time also have to go to the. He couldn’t help but look forward to the end of the ceremony more quickly. But as the ceremony at the end of the figure, see mother leave jun liu heart felt a dreadful loss. After the ceremony, followed by a grand banquet. In the temple of the banquet, the lady who doesn’t want to curry favor with the queen mother, so rushed to drink a toast to the queen mother. Queen mother in this life never dreamed that his son could become emperor, you can be as the queen mother, she felt it all like a dream, a trance between, she almost comes to the net, the cup is dry. In this way, she soon yushan dumping, not a good drinker. She hurried and say goodbye after all, just by the ladies clothes for bed holding back to his palace.

jun liu in front of the banquet and the royal ministers also drink a lot of wine, after the end of a banquet, not see his mother, queen asked where the queen mother, the queen told him that the queen mother drink many, sleep has been back to his palace. Jun liu heard mother had slept, unable to restrain a thrill, he suddenly remembered that saw mother taking a nap when I was a child, that is his lifetime. With slightly drunk, jun liu took two eunuch, excited to get to the queen mother living quarters. When he went to the queen mother qingong, palace eunuch palace busy all meet outside.

& other; The queen mother sleep? Throughout the &; Jun liu asked. & other; Back to the emperor, to sleep, is sound asleep. Throughout the &; Leading the eunuch replied. Jun liu listened to, in the heart is a thrill, & other; I want to go in to see the queen mother. Throughout the &; & other; Back to the emperor, it is convenient, the queen mother she & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Leading the eunuch ha.

& other; Fresh! Throughout the &; Jun liu exclaim 1, lift to go. Into the bedroom, jun liu approached slowly mother’s bedside. Under the red candle, see mother half-naked body, really sound asleep. Hot weather, the queen mother didn’t what to wear, to blame the lead eunuch said & other; Don’t too convenient & throughout; .

jun liu begging stood on the mother’s bedside, greedily looking at mother, mother, beautiful face, thin coat tightly wrapped in a beautiful figure, bright and clean long legs, and attractive white feet, again flap jun liu unstoppable desire, that desire is the more strongly than before. Jun liu after long time of hesitation, finally determined.

the next day, when the jun liu inquire to his mother, queen mother like nothing happened, with sons as usual. Jun liu said, and settled down to. That night the wind flow, make the jun liu, engraved on the bones he ever meet in mother, this also let him know taste food pulp.

it was not long before, after the day jun liu in catering, again came to the mother’s bedroom. As soon as I get there, he let the eunuch palace exit door waiting for you all, have something with the queen mother, “he said. His mother know his mind, of course, but not good. After all people out the door, jun liu immediately embrace the mother asked her to sex.

under the jun liu importuned, he finally agreed to his mother, two people take off your coat, embrace enter an item in an account, do great things.

since then, jun liu mother often go to bedroom and mother & other; To discuss something important & throughout; . The queen mother started only desperation, slowly can also enjoy the fun, for my son and the husband of love, two people can no longer separate.

jun liu’s life at the age of 36, though he also has many bestowed favor, but with his mother’s incestuous relationship has been maintained. It is recorded in the history of the emperor of China and the only example of biological mother incest. (Chen Lingshen China experts blog posts)