“Only you” BOSS group members from days lee swearing about frame (FIG.)

lee said it would continue to resist “only you” program to apologize for its improvement.

tianjin TV programs for jobs “only you” & other; French students Guo Jie faint events & throughout; There are new progress. After the end of last month innovation works CEO lee a vote & other; Ten thousand people real-name boycott “only you” throughout the &; , “only you” BOSS group members have a continuous tweeting riposte kai-fu lee, there is no lack of among them swear phenomenon. 8th of this month, lee update weibo said: & other; BOSS scolded swearing, you also dare to show? Throughout the &; In the face of increasingly fierce war of the two sides of breath, tianjin satellite TV has said things have nothing to do with program at present.

BOSS group members have declared war on

the “you” show & other; French students Guo Jie fainting incident & throughout; , lee on weibo launch boycott, has more than 280000 Internet users to participate in three days, more than 93% of people agreed to resist the “you”. On the 7th of this month in the afternoon, you’re invited more than 20 students represent talkfest held in Beijing, tianjin satellite TV has also said it would.

in you busy & other; Fire & throughout; At the same time, show the BOSS in GeXiao (FESCO network company deputy general manager), xiao-yan shi linuo in accordance with the investment co., LTD. (Beijing, chairman of the board), Liu Huipu (gather beauty is superior, senior vice President), Xu Huaizhe (solve network CEO), and other executives in succession to Mr. Lee, there is no lack of among them some people swear.

on June 5, germination GeXiao not bo said & other; More infuriating for the TV program, righteous, what? Throughout the &; & other; Miss li, are you at later, I learned how dirty weibo message. Throughout the &; Since then, xiao-yan shi is explicitly declared war on weibo said & other; Miss li: we about tomorrow afternoon at 3 o ‘clock at the gate of lido starbucks it’s time to duel! Throughout the &; & other; Who doesn’t to who is not a man, there is a will! Throughout the &;

tianjin TV said the situation out of control

this month 8, lee update weibo said by Internet ghostwriters retaliatory personal attacks: & other; “You” boycott this eight days, I, swearing, demanded an apology from you. But you’re the producer, the host, part of the BOSS, water army to launch personal attacks on me. Have you considered: to explain things don’t don’t apologize, but a personal attack, who will believe you? BOSS scolded swearing, you also dare to show? Throughout the &; But his comments provoked a BOSS group members more back. Xiao-yan shi repeating three weibo to lee about frame, make wars moment to upgrade. Yesterday afternoon, xiao-yan shi is tweeting said & other; Li Dashi, I’m here, where are you? Throughout the &;

in the face of increasingly fierce war of the two sides of breath, tianjin satellite TV has said the situation was beyond, program control about event has nothing to do with programming.

Daily playback


June 6,

lee declared by his boycott over a week, and said he would continue to resist program until its apology rectification. Throughout the &;

On June 7,

“you” was held in Beijing talkfest, and said in the official microblog & other; We will accept your opinions and Suggestions. Throughout the &;

lee tweeting, according to the BOSS you’re planning to personal attacks, and posted a screenshot.

On June 8,

signed & other; A group of overseas students, sea turtles and their families throughout the &; Released in the network the author of “to state administration of radio, film and television, tianjin TV and the social from all walks of life letter”, said & other; “Only you” in pursuit of the ratings by hook or by crook, and catered to some kind of morbid social ethos & throughout; And launched signing.

“you released the second host Raymond called” why I don’t respect the master lee “long weibo.

lee said on weibo Raymond & other; With false content insult me & throughout; That part of the BOSS should not to swear in weibo.

On June 9,

some BOSS group members published in weibo, event upgrade again.

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