Osaka teachers refuse to sing Japan’s national anthem “generation of king” by the school

according to report of xinhua Japanese officials said 24, Osaka prefecture, a 61 – year – old male teachers in February declined to stand up in a high school graduation to sing the national anthem “generation of king”, this week the suspension notice.

the kyodo news agency reported that the teacher has been to the retirement age of 60 years old, previously accepted schools hire, working ability was highly appreciated the headmaster, originally will charge until the end of next year.

a civil rights groups said, the teacher made first by sing the national anthem was dismissed from the teacher. The organization says the next week going teacher punished by Sue.

last June, Osaka prefecture parliament approved a controversial rules, which requires public schools to staff stood up to sing the national anthem in the ceremony. The Japanese think of recalcitrant, Japanese flag & other; Day pill & throughout; Symbol and the national anthem “generation of king” militarism, opposed to Osaka compulsory education committee staff to the national anthem and flag salute.