Otaku carved nearly 100 lighters: creative process nearly “madness” (FIG.)

Liu Chuanyue carved nearly 100 Zippo to friends.

Liu Chuan jumped to his polished Zippo.

the duke guan version Is positive and energetic the tiger, the king of the forest is on the back of The Three Kingdoms hero guan gong. The lighter carving is extremely man flavor.

as the side of the few can be comparable to the figure of gadgets, many men have a special liking to her own Zippo: time, each Zippo, would like its owner, from LengYao hardened become diamond and jade. For Liu Chuanyue, Zippo world has more meaning of life. He is a professional engraver sword, especially good at carving zippo. In his sculpture works of more than 300 lighters, nearly 100 Zippo is the gift to friends, these according to individual be fond of, personality and tailored & other; The only & throughout; Lighters, each friend be regarded as treasures.

s fetish story

from doing nothing to lifelong love

the basic skills of carving is painting a picture, painting since childhood love of Liu Chuanyue, due to the limitation of the condition, often parents think raffish. Love from the heart still simmer, however, is his secretly practice. Recall, when I was a student Liu Chuanyue usually & other; Stand & throughout; To find the art teacher communication in private. And the father found his artistic talent, let nature take its course, also made a few for Liu Chuanyue engraving knife, that gave him great encouragement.

the first attempts to carve, Liu Chuanyue less than 15 years old. Then the children of the youth, accidentally picked up a few steatite when playing, see more and more beautiful. So back to home, with knives, with imagine several statue was carved, it feels good, from now on with the sculpture.

first give lighter & other; Throughout life &;

& other; Each machine the completion are very unforgettable, once like October be pregnant childbirth. Throughout the &; Starting from a work, he often is upside down day and night, don’t shave a shower, in a & other; Madness & throughout; The state, until the work is completed, before he returned to normal life state.

in his numerous works, he is the most memorable sculpture first Zippo lighters. Carving pattern is horizontal knife was, for the first time in such a thin metal sculpture, both excited and nervous. It will take about 14 hours a day, first gauge, design, and hesitation, think again, afraid to open the head, is beginning to take shape as the pattern, especially after successfully carve one’s face, suddenly feel the hand of guan yu seems to have a life, and the life is oneself give, happy joy suddenly evolved into full of energy. For half a month, a lifelike duke guan appears on the Zippo, Liu Chuanyue is very happy.