OuYangXiaDan: “first host news broadcast has been trembling”

OuYangXiaDan high character figure

yesterday, & other; But listen & middot; Three exhibitions & throughout; The Spring Festival in Shanghai special for recording, one of the guests is a former SMG news anchor, current OuYangXiaDan hosted by CCTV “news broadcast”. In a subsequent interview, OuYangXiaDan with journalists for the first time to share their hosts “news broadcast” dribs and drabs.

CCTV wardrobe & other forever; Black and white and red & throughout;

the OuYangXiaDan came to Shanghai trip, full in addition to recording the can all listen to the Spring Festival special programs, will also attend the SMG&ldquo held tonight; Famous throughout new &; Preside over the ceremony. She said: & other; In CCTV host will be more serious, the pressure is very big also, moment matter with, and in Shanghai side chair may be relaxed. Throughout the &;

this trip to Shanghai in addition to busy work, OuYangXiaDan will also buy new clothes, and other I like shopping for clothes in Shanghai, the style of the clothes here is very suitable for me, every time he comes to Shanghai have free time I will do some purchasing. Because now the news broadcast primary mirror clothes are of your choice, in order to give you different feeling, I will be a while to buy some new clothes. Throughout the &; She said her CCTV wardrobe, which will always be black, white, red three color & other; Safety & throughout; Clothing, also will be more attention to audience’s comments, if the audience didn’t like it, will adjust themselves.

hope has let the audience feel fresh

OuYangXiaDan joining CCTV in 2003, in September this year to join the “news broadcast”. She remembered the first time hosting “news broadcast”, OuYangXiaDan said very nervous, & other; Hosted by night time, yong chun mistook the headline copy to the director, in the final countdown one minute when discovered, temporary back, we had really & lsquo; Breathtaking a minute & rsquo; . And presided over the entire me under the table legs are trembling. Now although already used “news broadcast” broadcast mode, but every time I hear song in the beginning, I started to feel a little nervous, after all, “news broadcast” is not wrong, may be you can cause a lot of echo a word. Throughout the &; But OuYangXiaDan later said the tension or not preside over the CCTV Spring Festival gala.

for critics said she and LangYongChun since joining “news broadcast”, “news broadcast” become very pure and fresh, OuYangXiaDan modestly said: & other; Actually, every time a new host to join in “news broadcast”, the audience will feel very fresh, so I’ve been to the audience and wing chun want a kind pure and fresh feeling, rather than just started XinXianQi. Throughout the &;

since joining “news broadcast” when it comes to their own change, OuYangXiaDan said: & other; Hope we in Taiwan in a more positive and more healthy image, so now we attend the activities require strict examination and approval, such as this to Shanghai to do activity has a number of approvals, do not want the news anchor in Taiwan’s entertainment. In addition, the host “news broadcast” really should be very careful. “News broadcast” famously said & ndash; & ndash; & lsquo; Every word daughter, seconds seconds politics, exams every day & rsquo; Broadcast every time, we try to speak slowly, not they have any mistakes. Throughout the &;

there are early next year, New Year’s day “news broadcast” opening song will have change, OuYangXiaDan said at present has not yet finalized, officially published in Taiwan.