Over 100000 pounds the world’s most expensive wine listed body may bottle domain experts’ open (figure)

this rare and precious bottle of cabernet sauvignon is worth 109000 pounds, taste a little cup also have to spend 21000 pounds.

according to the British “daily mail” reported on June 30, is listed on the world’s most expensive bottle of wine to sell. This bottle of expensive cabernet sauvignon 109000 pounds (about 1.088 million yuan), want to try on a small glass will have to spend 21000 pounds.

this is called 2004 Block 42 & rsquo; Red wine is made from the famous Penfolds zhuang (Penfolds Winery), the sale of only 12 bottles. The brewing this rare wine grapevine since the 1830 s was transplanted from France to Australia, and is considered to be one of the oldest vines species in the world. Penfolds chief winemaker Peter gago spoke highly of zhuang Block 42 & rsquo; Red wine: & other; Its magnificent color, fragrance, taste and folds, full, rich is rare treasures. Throughout the &;

to match its expensive price, chateau invited artists to design the prescription bottles in the shape of the bottle.

in order to cooperate with Block 42 & rsquo; Production of rare and noble identity, chateau invited renowned Australian glass artists Nick mans for its tailored to a similar to medical ampoule bottle in the shape of a bottle, and specifically with fine Philippine eucalyptus wood box. This bottle is not as common wine bottle cork sealing, and required by professional wine experts to open it. In addition, the design team and a number of artists in the decoration design work involved in the bottle.