Over half the language by the end of the century or disappear experts predict English luck will do

recently, queen Mary university college London professor David & middot; Heidegger’s o (David Adger), laurel & middot; J. Watkins (Laurel j. Watkins) and Daniel & middot; Dr Hubble (Daniel Harbour) by studying American Indian national base orval language (Kiowa) grammar and oral storytelling, showed the smallest was recorded in Indian languages.

the Hubble said: & other; At first glance, orval language appears to be chaotic, in any order of words almost will not change the meaning. However, we find that the speaker is in a systematic way from planning story at various stages of development. Throughout the &; Heidegger’s added: & other; What is the position of the speaker put words in a sentence depends on what they think the audience know. Throughout the &;

to native speakers as base orval language, study the language syntax and semantics is a big challenge. For this, the researchers established a base of orval team and field workers, their research content is according to the different oral stories and words to transform the structure of language, arouse the memory of elders. The old man often say some rare words in the discussion, allowing researchers to surprise and delight.

in fact, in the past few centuries, the us government to stop people orval’s recession in language and culture, have implemented a number of policy. Queen Mary college is committed to base orval language study, has collected a large number of audio data, establish the word document of the system. As more fluent in language base orval is old, the language will become more precious. Heidegger said: o & other; Language is a very fragile thing, and just one generation, will lost a lot. Throughout the &;

at present, more than half (7000 species) in the world language to the end of the century is likely to disappear. In the andes in South America and the amazon river basin of the native language may be the world’s most endangered languages, Spanish, Portuguese is gradually replace the native language and the dominant. Institute of the national geographic mission and save endangered languages are working together to protect the endangered languages. Leiden university, South Asia and central Asia research center, professor fan & middot; Mu Dan (van Driem) and his team in the past 20 years to sort out more than 100 detailed records of the Himalayan region of language, not only including the paradigm and to list of words and phrases, and myths and legends, and personal data such as text, narrative and dialogue for the research of the Himalayan region provides a complete reliable records of endangered languages.

English in many countries and regions, is one of the common language or official language. The application of it is so common, that people don’t understand English, also can freely to sentence & other; Hello” , & other Thank  You” . But the British famous linguist, predict, and before the Sanskrit, Persian, and Greek, Latin, in the future, English as a world language dominance will not protect, will no longer be the international communication tool, is likely to become a & other; Text language & throughout; .

according to the British “daily telegraph” reported on June 6, on the annual hay festival in Britain, the British scholar, writer Nicholas & middot; Oster le (Nicholas  Ostler) bold prediction & ndash; his mother tongue & ndash; The luck of English will do. The former is the author of “the world language is popular and failure”, “text empire: the language of the world history”, and became chairman of the endangered language foundation scholars explained, & other; World language depends on the economy, culture, management, military monopoly, loss of economic power as Europe and North America, such as China, India, Russia, Brazil and other emerging countries, English will be & lsquo; The last of the common language & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

oster 26 languages I can speak, at Oxford University’s balliol have a degree in Greek, Latin, philosophy, economics, and then at the Massachusetts institute of technology from American linguist noam & middot; Chomsky, and received a doctor’s degree from the department of linguistics and Sanskrit. , he said, compared with other those ancient language, English account & other; Dominance & throughout; Relatively short time, Latin ruled the world for one thousand years, English as a common language is only a few hundred years.

but, although he confirmed that the rise of China and other countries in the future, but I don’t think in Chinese or other languages will become the world’s common language. Oster says that the future world will be occupied by a machine, the rule, the development of science and technology makes people no longer need a & other; The common language & throughout; . & other; English is only possible in the future in English speaking countries continue to be used as a native language, but as People’s Daily lives more electronic, English as a common language status will be replaced by science and technology. Throughout the &; & have spent & other; It is conceivable that will only become a kind of words in the English language. Throughout the &;