Owners of crazy English li Yang, putting his wife again: you this only sad bitch

at 7 report from our correspondent (reporter xiao-ming su) the night before last 19 points, founder of crazy English li Yang’s wife weibo exposes her husband sent her a text message. SMS in abusive to his wife, li Yang called & other; Bitch & throughout; . Netizens have expressed the condemnation of li Yang, said the lack of manners. As of last night, reporters went to press, li did not respond.

15 December last year, the Olympic village, chaoyang court trial the divorce of li Yang, due to the mediation fails, not out of the verdict and enter the stage of proof (this newspaper reported). 19 points on the 19th, li Yang wife Kim via weibo exposes li Yang to her indecent text messages, and upload screenshots.

through the screenshots to see, the sender to li Yang, the content in English. Message content is: & other; You a crazy bitch, you are a hopeless people in the United States, it only sad you bitch! Throughout the &; Wife replied, & other; I’m not & lsquo; American & rsquo; , I’m Kim. Throughout the &;

half an hour before his wife tweeting, li Yang tweeting said the first day of New Year’s day in my job, my New Year’s eve with thousands of people & other; Shouting English & throughout; Holidays, on my birthday, I will hide to see in a room of crazy day book. Net friend said its workaholics, ignore the family.

yesterday, netizens have condemned the lack of poise, li Yang should apologize, and ending at li Yang did not respond.

s link Li Yanggu critical incident review

in early September this year, li Yang wife Kim exposure through weibo & other; Crazy English & throughout; Li Yang, founder of its implementation of domestic violence, the event caused the wide attention of public opinion. Then in accepted the media interview, li Yang and his wife, just in order to study the American family education and the combination of experiment, and their three daughters also just experiment. ‘s damage Kim to the chaoyang court in late October, for a divorce and dividing up possessions. Kim said can’t stand the li Yang domestic abuse, she put forward directly to raise three daughters. On November 7, Kim again on twitter exposes a swelling in the neck there are many critical photos, saying no longer expect li Yang also to take responsibility for their own actions, this figure can clearly see the trace of her neck slapped, but according to the weibo content can be speculated that the figure for August 30, domestic violence, taken after the weibo instantly trigger netizen forwarded thousands of comments.