Painter zao for suffering from dementia The son and stepmother litigation “seize the father”


zao oil painting “10.1.68” for hk $68.98 million was made for

in May 2005, at Christie’s in Hong Kong & other; Throughout the 20th century Chinese art, and Asian contemporary art &; Auction, the works of zhao mo pole “in June 1985 to October as” triptych by buyer for hk $18 million, when the world of Chinese oil paintings auction record.

in October 2011, sotheby’s Hong Kong & other; Throughout the 20th century Chinese art performance &; , “10.1.68” was filmed with a hk $68.98 million (right), refresh personal zhao auction record.

in April, 2012, or a sotheby’s Hong Kong & other Throughout the 20th century Chinese art auction &; On the special performance, total price six of the top 10 works is of zhao.

zao, a loud name, a master of art’s name, one in each big auction means for name. Since the middle of the last century was overseas, Chinese abstract painting masters and eventually settled in France, with the combination of the west, and with international vision of abstract oil paintings is famous in the world. However, chengdu commercial daily reporter recently learned: the 91 – year – old artist unfortunately suffer from alzheimer’s disease in recent years, life daily life and the link with the outside world, all in the grip of his French wife francois & middot; Farmar kay, including his priceless large number of paintings. Because of dissatisfaction with the stepmother of zhao mo pole & other; Control & throughout; , and worried stepmother to his father’s paintings are your own, the only son of zhao mo pole Zhao Jialing has filed a complaint to the Paris district court, play up & other; Take the battle of the parent & throughout; .

zao only child: a 91 – year – old father forced & other; Move & throughout; Sue stepmother & other; He deceives the weak sin & throughout;

France “le figaro” reported that the famous painter zao formal leave last fall he had lived for more than sixty years of Paris, in Switzerland, stay on the shores of lake Geneva. Also to his third wife, French national policy curator francois & middot; Mar kay, and more than 400 of valuable paintings, worth billions of yuan.

prior to that, the only son of zhao mo pole, painter Zhao Jialing already last year at the end of may to & other; He deceives the weak sin & throughout; Filed a lawsuit in Paris, said zhao mo pole migration is francois in order to obtain the ownership of the paintings zhao and mastermind, did not consent of zhao mo pole.

this is not the first time that Zhao Jialing and francois litigation & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; As early as in March last year, francois announced that they will go to the Swiss ski dooley after rehabilitation, Zhao Jialing has filed a lawsuit, hope father has legally & other court decisions; Incapacity & throughout; . Only in this way, can he visit father legally, and gain legal protection in terms of inheritance.

soon, taking the advantage of francois not in Paris, zhao was not moved to Switzerland before, court to do the evaluation for zhao mo pole, and last year on March 21, draw the conclusion: because of the effect of alzheimer’s disease, zao & other; No move the Swiss decision ability. Throughout the &;

when Zhao Jialing then to Paris’s procuratorate filed the request for judicial supervision and protection of zhao mo pole, Paris’s procuratorate zao have been found not in France, and rejected Zhao Jialing judicial supervision and protection. In early July, Paris’s procuratorate formally accepted Zhao Jialing & other; He deceives the weak sin & throughout; Sue, investigating while the French police to investigate criminal case.