Painting “the stair naked women” in a social network to delete misrepresented pornographic images

paintings “stair naked women”

on facebook had 1300 & other; Love & throughout; Click after, originally should continue until September 24 the pompidou arts center of Richter retrospective of gerhard & middot; Richter painting “Emma (stairwells of naked girls) have disappeared from facebook overnight. After the pompidou arts center to protest about it, facebook reduction images on the page. Exactly what to do with involving the nude art image, caused the attention of the netizens and discussed. Art critic fang media yesterday told reporters that before delete picture facebook should ask a relevant experts, is art or ordinary images, and should not be arbitrarily deleted.

fang media said that a similar problem in each country has different treatments, such as in Japan, imports of nude, would use sand paper to wear the genitals, whether it is art or not art. And website if you remove art images, and low quality of the website manager, & other; General is a young man of tube site, level is not high, for art don’t understand, no discrimination, will give deleted the nude art as pornographic images. Throughout the &;

fang media has had a baidu blog with courbet, the famous “spring”, was later baidu deleted. Courbet,, he said, is the Paris commune revolution of the famous painter, the painting is the classic of art history, but the site managers treat it as a pornographic pictures to delete. & other; So said young people are now widespread lack of art education. Throughout the &;

and specific to the domestic standards for such things, he points out some phenomenon, & other; On the one hand, just delete with nude works of art, on the other hand many pornographic pictures not porn web page. In architecture biennale, young Chinese visa center to see the artist with nude art, is not to accept their visa materials. Throughout the &;

Facebook pr agency spokesman later explained to the centre pompidou art director, they put the Richter’s work with general picture confused, nude pictures in violation of the rules for use of Facebook, is forbidden, but naked painting or sculpture is ok.

Facebook’s review is not the first time, before someone had posted a courbet, the painting was cancelled account in the origin of the world. Art institute of New York are often harassed, school page upload nude works are often removed. (reporter huang Jiang Yan intern section)