Palace Museum robbery suspects growth revealed: from go do things without considering the consequences

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the Palace Museum exhibits theft solved has in the past few days. The suspect Shi Baikui exactly is what kind of person? Of his family? Recently, the Beijing municipal public security bureau police corps of scout to Shi Baikui hometown, with those of their dialogue, try to find the Shi Baikui growth trajectory.

character: don’t want to deal with people

Shi Baikui hometown in heze caoxian county township ni set high-rise administrative villages stone village natural villages. At 11 o ‘clock on May 11, the Beijing municipal public security bureau police corps scout drove stone village village. Arrived in heze city of shandong province, investigator found there are a few tens of kilometers southeast of heze caoxian county distance direction.

17, the investigator to caoxian county township police station ni set. According to local police, Shi Baikui parents are local farmers, family is very difficult. Shi Baikui the youngest at home, with two older brothers. As adults, Shi Baikui so it went around work, rarely go home. Police said the Shi Baikui has worked on a restaurant in Beijing, getting to know a girl being evicted, two people had been living together for three or four years. According to the villagers, perennial Shi Baikui isn’t at home, more introverted personality, not willing to work with people.

as we have learned, in July 2008, Shi Baikui for carrying knives detained by public security organ public security in the city.

mother: Spring Festival walk again after no response

early in the morning on May 12, under the guidance of the local police, scout to Shi Baikui home. At present is a small bungalow, also set up next to a few small temporary shacks. Local police after knocking at the door, next to a thin old man from emerged in a shack. Local police said the old man is the father Shi Baikui has over 60.

Shi Baikui father would investigator is introduced in the house, a scout to see them without a decent piece of furniture in the home. Then Shi Baikui mother is coming, but the investigator did not immediately Shi Baikui & other; Trouble & throughout; The news to the old couple.

& other; The Spring Festival this year he come back, because I was ill, but also come back with a penny. Throughout the &; Shi Baikui’s mother said, after the Spring Festival, Shi Baikui living at home the day of the first lunar month 16 left, left no sign. Investigator from home later found Shi Baikui on the wall of the contact, but in addition to home no Shi Baikui related things. According to Shi Baikui mother, son live outside where she also don’t know, only know Shi Baikui waist sick, do heavy work, and worked in a restaurant in the washing the dishes, cooking, etc.

a reporter from the Beijing television station “when the rule of law to show to see, the investigator’s visit attracted a lot of villagers. Shi Baikui’s mother said, because it is the youngest son in the home, Shi Baikui is doted on by parents at an early age, and also formed the work does not consider the consequences.

father: you talk back, love quarrel

when it comes to feelings between father and son, Shi Baikui father said: & other; Said he did not let a person, said he was back, to love fights. Throughout the &; When asked about & other; If you have any idea to hear son of & throughout; , Shi Baikui mother said: & other; I can’t think, I don’t know what happened to him. Throughout the &; Learn Shi Baikui sneak into stealing, incredible Shi Baikui parents said, they want to scout tell Shi Baikui, & other; Must honestly admit mistakes, no matter what kind of punishment to accept, we will be waiting for you to go home. Throughout the &;



& other; Go today no resentment & throughout;

police: how many children in your family?

Shi Baikui: three brothers, I am the youngest.

police: you should parents loved you?

Shi Baikui: (silence for a few seconds) yes.

police: parents still alive?

Shi Baikui: in. (crying) parents actually pretty good to me, I know I can’t, never let me do heavy work, know they had said is good to me, because I go today, who also don’t blame, blame myself.

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police stolen items retrieved process

yesterday, in view of the network rumors that Beijing police has fully recovered stolen items of the imperial palace, Beijing police information office to confirm. & other; Should all have not found. Throughout the &; Beijing police said a person. At present, the stolen exhibits have collected 6 pieces, police are still trying to find the other three pieces of stolen items.

process: in the afternoon of May 9, the Palace Museum staff on Shi Baikui escape route finder & other Gold inlaid stone turtle make-up box & throughout; And & other; Gold flower inlaid diamonds handbags & throughout; . 9 in the afternoon, in the Forbidden City construction workers in the Forbidden City palace side pick up & other Gold inlay enamel diagonal plaid make-up box & throughout; . Morning of May 12, the city public security bureau of technical personnel in Shi Baikui escape routes through the trees to find two stolen exhibits. More than 11 PM on May 12, investigator found in railway of temple nearby green space & other; Gold inlay enamel ornamental design make-up box & throughout; .