Paleoanthropologist guo-xing zhou, at least in China there is no “wild man” (FIG.)


walked upright, and his body high 2 meters, big hands hang down to the knee, foot, eyes, face forward like a human face, long hair and the colour red & ndash; & ndash; Shennongjia & other; Hairy man & throughout; And the Kowloon hills and for & other; People bear & throughout; , the Himalayas and other; The snowman & throughout; And America & other; Bigfoot & throughout; Legend, etc., all over the world & other; Savage & throughout; Have a broadly similar appearance. However, they really exist?

in & other; Savage & throughout; Study circles, this has been a most appropriate topic just laughed. But also have dared to if such as guo-xing zhou said firmly: & other; At least in China, there is no & lsquo; Savage & rsquo; . But I don’t want to an absolute conclusion, I think there is a 5% clues have research value, this is a reason, to the future generations to meet their exploration of the nature of the heart. Throughout the &;

rumors & other; Savage & throughout; Is not a real scientific definition

circulating around the world many relevant & other; Savage & throughout; The story of, China is no exception. In addition to the ancient books and in the local chorography & other; Savage & throughout; Record, in real life also can hear witness or from time to time & other; Savage & throughout; The news.

one view & other; Savage & throughout; Used to be a member of the human society, for some reason on in nature, because of long insulated from the human society, human nature gradually disappear, biological become like an animal. When they return to the human society, it is difficult to restore its human nature, this is the so-called & other; Savage & throughout; , that is, the squalid conditions of the people. & other; In fact, this is the definition of science, & lsquo; Savage & rsquo; At the end of the day or a human, not animals, we must never confuse. Throughout the &;

in guo-xing zhou’s view, since there are & other; Savage & throughout; Definition, since only the French revolution found a 17 year old boy, the abandoned children were found in the forest since childhood, has become & other; Monster children & throughout; , more close to the so-called & other; Savage & throughout; Definition.

but for what is & other; Savage & throughout; , is there another way in the science, think & other; Savage & throughout; Is the primitive remaining representatives that stay at some stage in the process of human development and surviving group. Some scholars will spread in Mongolia as the Soviet union and the Caucasus & other Alma, savage & throughout; Neanderthals, as the Stone Age.

& other; However, now call & lsquo; Savage & rsquo; Meaning it is mixed, almost all have not yet been to clear up the human animal science called & lsquo; Savage & rsquo; . Even now some figures of animals, known in its hasn’t been clear before, science has also been called & lsquo; Savage & rsquo; Apes, such as Asia, even some very backward people hide in the jungle of the original, it was found in the beginning, has been called & lsquo; Savage & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Guo-xing zhou think, now that we saw in the various media related & other Savage & throughout; That does not mean the strict scientific sense & other Savage & throughout; , but the type of rumors to explore unknown & other; Humanoid animals & throughout; .

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suspected & other; Savage palm & throughout; But monkey paw.