Panting granddaughter anti-counterfeiting means Hong Kong 15 zhang panting paintings are all fake

Fu Lei bud even tweeting false said exhibit at the

exhibition organizers in microblog propaganda exhibition

referred to as false exhibition

early February 7, called & other; JennyPat Fu Lei grey & throughout; User publish a weibo said, at present in Hong Kong & other; Hollywood plaza & throughout; The exhibition & other; Panting exhibition & throughout; , including 15 works for fakes, and her identity was panting granddaughter.

weibo said: the original & other; Now I hereby solemnly declare: Hong Kong & lsquo; Hollywood plaza & rsquo; Display & lsquo; Panting exhibition & rsquo; , 15 inside painting is not from my grandpa panting pen, but a poor fake, please. Throughout the &;

Fu Lei buds in the microblog posted her photos of work at the scene, and attach & other; You please yourself & throughout; The comments.

& other; These pictures off so far, can see at a glance is not true. Anyone who has a basic knowledge of art collection appreciation, can determine the paintings of true and false. First of all, they are all the same, the size of the frame style is the same, not to mention bad painting techniques. The 15 pieces from paper, inscriptions, experiment, the character modelling, pen and ink is not in conformity with the original. Throughout the &; Fu Lei she told Hong Kong media said that exhibition and found false quite by accident, I heard someone panting exhibition surprise, went to the scene found that including 15 painting is a fake picture.