“Paris catacombs” piled up 6 million human bones (FIG.)

Paris catacombs

the police patrol in tunnel

according to the British “daily mail” reported on August 6, in Paris, this is called & other; Throughout the city of light &; The underground, there is a 200 – mile (about 321.87 km) long tunnels. The dark, damp, the narrow tunnel bearing the Paris for a period of unusual history & ndash; & ndash; In this called again & other; The catacombs & throughout; In the tunnel, and stacked 6 million human bones. CNN has launched the latest documentary about this mysterious catacombs.

at present, only a piece of the catacombs in southern Paris opening to the outside world, every day there are visitors from all over the world come to visit here. A tourist said in an interview: & other; I think people’s fascination with death have a & hellip; & hellip; We tried to find their own past, it make us crazy, fear, and make us to get pleasure from it. Throughout the &;

maybe, visit this tunnel is enough to satisfy the curiosity of ordinary tourists, but for some of the desire for adventure citizens of Paris, they obviously want to further explore the catacombs & ndash; & ndash; Although the government has banned ordinary people to enter the tunnel.

this group of people who like the Paris underground life called & other; Throughout urban explorers &; . They equipped with lights and homemade map, from the secret entrance into the catacombs of Paris city, sometimes in the ground a few days of inactivity. In addition to adventure, they also will have parties in the catacombs.

for these idiots, bring them to the underground tunnel is the feeling of quiet any cannot be replaced by other parts of the country. Urban explorers said Roy g & other; I think this idea is very common. Everyone knows that Paris was buried underground some mysterious things, but I don’t think many people know exactly what’s it like in underground. Throughout the &;

explorers of the illegal act drew a police intervention. The police sent a patrol the underground tunnel for illegal entrants each 60 euros (about 473.56 yuan) in fines.

this tunnel is a by-product of the development of Paris. At first, it is the quarry underground until the 18th century after the outbreak of smallpox and the plague in Paris, when the ground cemetery area is seriously insufficient, it became burying the dead & other; Throughout the empire of death &; . Although this tunnel perfectly solve this problem, inadequate the cemetery has also brought many sequelae, such as its direct cause cannot build buildings in Paris.