Paris sewer drainage tunnel building museum, 2400 km (FIG.)

museum in Paris, France.

on July 21, 61 years the most heavy storm raids in Beijing, the one thousand summer after one of the most severe test. Flash out of the crisis, people of the spirit of mutual care and those who love you at the airport in the owner, fulfill their duties ultimately died on police chief, with a body guard covers mouth warning to the pedestrian in the sanitation workers, warmth in the cold rainy night for us.

after heavy rains, Beijing’s urban functions back quickly. The life of people work back to normal at the same time, also in the reflection of Beijing in terms of emergency management capability, underground drainage system of room for improvement. So, Paris and other international metropolis drains experience, have been under the spotlight at the moment.

Paris underground drainage system are large, reasonable design, construction and orderly, has been the world multinational study model, the Paris people even pride will drain a piece of development into the museum.

from the Eiffel Tower on the east side of the stairs down step by step, into a refurbished sewers, arrived at the museum. Since Lu Tai era josiah, drainage technology and water quality improvement of the development process of Paris in the form of pictures appear in front of the visitor. Museum of the entire process takes about 1 hour. Visitors can see the Persian street underground pipes, konya g & middot; Jay street sewer facilities, south of Paris starting point of the drain pipe & hellip; & hellip; Visit process, clear, dredging tools such as the old pump and some large junk model within reach. Wandering in the gallery of cold, before using these tools to drainage sewage staff seemed to emerge in sight.

in 1370, Paris drainage network is only a short period of the brick arch sewer. Now the crisscross complex sewers, people see is after centuries of development. In 1850, the duke of hausmann provincial governor as the Seine, his hand in hand to engineer the benevolence & middot; The belgae lang expansion of water supply system of drainage channel network in Paris and Paris. In their efforts, this huge drain is not only to become a dual water supply system (water and drinking water), by 1878, it was already a long 600 km of drainage system. After the belgae lang heir to perfect and develop the Paris sewer network. Today, the whole 2400 km drainage tunnel in Paris, it is almost the distance from Beijing to shenzhen, also exceeded the total length of the Paris metro.

it is no exaggeration to say that the huge sewer networks, convenient, can be called an underground maze. Nowadays, in order to facilitate the sewer cleaner work, each sewer were labeled with the ground street name & ndash; & ndash; As long as familiar with the streets of Paris, it will be in this and other Maze & throughout; Get lost.

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