Peking University professor: young people don’t speak dialect does not mean that the dialect to disappear

recently, Shanghai, zhejiang and other places have been launched to protect Chinese dialect in related activities. Keep a lot of ancient Chinese dialects, is the important carrier of language culture. Study Chinese dialect, not only to protect the diversity of Chinese has important significance and historical continuity, also helps to understand the regional traditional culture. About the disappearance of Chinese dialects, protection and development and other issues have been inconclusive. The newspaper reporters interviewed related scholars.

Chinese dialect, there is no exact statistics

expert introduction, according to the different characteristics of the Chinese dialect can be divided into seven regions, namely, the northern dialect, Wu Fangyan, xiang dialect, GanFangYan, fujian dialect, YueFangYan and hakka dialect. In the late 1980 s, the Chinese academy of social sciences published the “Chinese language atlas is divided into ten districts, the Chinese dialect on the basis of the original partition and partition the shape of the western jin dynasty, southern anhui emblem and their neighbours in guangxi.

at the Chinese academy of social sciences institute of language dialect research director, national ailin, the Chinese dialect society’s chairman, said the language atlas of China is divided into five levels: the Chinese dialect district, community, slice, dice, and the statistical distribution, population using status of Chinese dialects. But how many people are there in each dialect area specific, say what dialect, not Numbers.

& other; At present our country dialect survey only at county level, mainly to the city. Country of dialect distribution, it is not clear. Throughout the &; Ailin, points out that China’s regional population distribution is differ, dialect distribution is very extensive. In the densely populated east, relatively dialect is more complex. The money has not yet been explored for dialect.

& other; Dialect disappear said throughout the &; Do not conform to the law of development

one language nurture a culture, almost all language as the carrier of culture phenomenon and dialect, for example, henan henan opera has been innovating, anhui huangmei opera, shandong clapper ballad “yuchuanyuan” (such as are established on the basis of dialect.

with the popularization of putonghua, & other; Young boss back home, xiangyin without change throughout BinMao failure &; The regional accents of feelings are played down.

& other; Chinese dialects are & lsquo; Fade & rsquo; Throughout the &; , shandong university school of literature and journalism professor Zhang Shuzheng said, from kindergarten began to promote mandarin in China, which had a great influence on Chinese dialects. Schools, for example, language, the official language, such as language service in promoting mandarin, many cities have not said native dialect, become & other; No dialect group & throughout; .

at the end of 2011, held in Shanghai Chinese society of Shanghai association of Chinese member of the 12th congress and academic annual meeting, 2011, 82 scholars published a joint initiative, proposed the kindergarten, primary and secondary school students in extracurricular time said that Shanghai dialect and other dialects.

in the increasing popularity of putonghua, today became the scholars attention topic how to keep Chinese dialect.

Beijing university Chinese department professor Li Xiaofan said that some young people don’t speak dialect, doesn’t mean that the dialect the demise of that place, just using range narrowed. If a local development and local characteristics, the dialect there wouldn’t die first. Beijing dialect is the basis of mandarin, the old and the new language metabolism speed is slower than other dialects, also need to sign as the archive, but it is not going to disappear.

& other; Dialect disappeared, do not conform to the facts and law of development. Throughout the &; Zhang Shuzheng said, dialect has a process, development and extinction in modern dialects are the result of historical development, the so-called & other; Pure, authentic & throughout; Is relative, with a view of the development of this problem, need not worry too much.

now fewer and fewer people speak dialect, the social functions of dialect is degraded. Ailin think, in the promotion of mandarin at the same time, also want to the dialect have certain social functions and social status, for example, we are going to retain and encourage, villagers say dialect in the family.

use modern technology to save the dialect is very necessary to

in our country, illiteracy has long been a source of the majority of the population, so that in the process of the change of the dialect, and some dialect originally & other; Have sound words throughout the &; Turned out to be & other; & sound change throughout; . As one of the most ancient language in our country, for example, wu, as a result of the mandarin & other Impact & throughout; Part, wu is degraded.

in fact, in the process of modernization, some European and American countries have appeared in the language resources crisis. For example, some of the original Indian are disappearing. Record the traditional language become an urgent task. It is understood that the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization in the early 1990 s, puts forward the concept of globally endangered dialects and began to actively rescue.

protection dialect, technology is necessary. In 2008, the state language work committee launched & other; The Chinese language resource throughout the audio database construction &; , scientific, unified survey collected a contemporary Chinese dialects in China. Zhejiang, henan, Shanghai and other places are also actively use modern technology to save dialect. A few days ago, the first shanghainese mobile phone input method in the android system online, Shanghai famous linguist, a professor of Chinese at the university of nai-rong qian said it can, think shanghainese great mobile phone input method for scientific protection of Shanghai dialect.

ailin, said early scholars records dialect is mouth and ears, and then with the international phonetic alphabet to indicate the pronunciation. With the development of modern technology and the improvement of the acoustic equipment, preserve dialect culture is very common in speech technology. In addition, the ability to distinguish and identify because each person is different, in the form of video recording dialect pronunciation mouth, also can make people better record dialect culture.

at present, the dialect research workers is to try for the study of the dialect culture, retain. In December last year, the Chinese academy of social sciences has established the language resources and information laboratory in China, the priority is to create a permanent record of the digital multimedia Chinese dialect corpus and related database, and the digital museum based on the Internet.