People in Hong Kong with the mainland Chinese New Year red envelopes thickness ultra imagination: we only accept RMB 20

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(Li Fang Wang Mingqi Ren Qinqin) & other; The Spring Festival in Hong Kong, I and my brother received & lsquo; Leon is & rsquo; Only 10 yuan and 20 Hong Kong dollars. Throughout the &; Chen Haofeng, 23, a native of Hong Kong people, came to Beijing for the holiday, he said, the thickness of the mainland Chinese New Year red envelopes is beyond imagination.

& other; Let red envelopes, congratulation! Throughout the &; In China, according to legend lucky money can be pinned evil thing, because & other; The age & throughout; With & other; Precious & throughout; Homophonic, junior get lucky money can safely spend one year old. For elders, full of love and care for the younger generation in New Year’s money.

& other; Since the childhood to receive lucky money have tens of thousands, but I never forget when eight years old my grandfather gave me 10 yuan of money. Throughout the &; Zhengzhou people imply, 29, told reporters that the bad conditions in the home, grandpa year night from the countryside to the city, into the shade of a thing is out of the 10 yuan a bulging out her money. & other; At that time, grandpa in the hometown of farming year income also however is controlled yuan, 10 yuan: basically, I half a year’s allowance. Throughout the &;

for children, the Chinese New Year when the most hated hearing a word may be & other; Mommy will help you throughout the &; . However, as & other; After the 80 & throughout; People grow up, once kept by the parents of the New Year’s money also began to come in handy. Shenyang boy li bo, 27, starting from the age of 7 & other; Submit & throughout; Money paid to buy a house for him this year; Their parents, as guangdong girl jia le le, 24, save money to pay for her college tuition & hellip; four years & hellip;

for kids, New Year’s money has become a fortune to be reckoned with, less thousands of yuan, more than tens of thousands of yuan, many parents for children set up separate accounts, funds use according to the practical requirements apply to the parents need to children.

& other; Now 10 yuan money affirmation is to get out of. Throughout the &; Imply trust, & other; Since 2000 I have every year New Year’s money is not less than 2000 yuan. Better life, rich in hand, I now give nephew’s New Year’s money is 1000 yuan. Throughout the &;

a red envelope and lucky money means luck and good wishes. Now, this blessing no longer confined to & other; Home & throughout; , more and more people began to use New Year’s money to help others.

24, shaoxing citizens Qian Lei on New Year’s money to fund a guizhou mountainous area child, he think do render your is very meaningful to help others; A 12-year-old pupil in my parents’ encouragement out set up a charity fund 30000 yuan of money.

& other; The essence of the New Year’s money is good, not only for myself & lsquo; Good & rsquo; , but also on social & lsquo; Good & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Shandong university professor zhong-wu wang said.

however, from controlled, a few yuan to hold thousands of yuan, Chinese New Year red envelopes the change the thickness on the one hand reflects the people living standard rise, on the other hand, but also a measure of emotional closeness.

& other; Although is a family, but do not worry about relatives will have thoughts, I don’t understand etiquette. Throughout the &; Said liu grew up in a family, this is the Chinese New Year red envelope & other; Throughout the &; .

New Year red envelopes to spend a lot of people in the year-end bonuses, even advance overhead for the coming year. With its netizens are fun, more and more & other Amir Johnson & throughout; Bonus amount has make the Spring Festival come & other; Throughout the spring hook &; .

there are even some people the idea behind the dozen have a red envelope, some thick to abnormal & other; A red envelope & throughout; Let the good traditional Chinese. A retired local cadres tells a reporter, every Spring Festival, before his children can receive up to tens of thousands of yuan of money, sometimes a red envelope is 10000 yuan. And after he retired, in addition to their relatives, New Year’s day when basically no one visit.

zhong-wu wang said, “lucky money” this is a town full of blessing, this is the family New Year’s money and red envelope makes part of a means of transforming into materialization and the materialistic, makes less and less affection.

& other; Little red packets should be loaded with only the warmth of family love and friendship, only by making more money to return to innocence and blessing, the nature of the Chinese society in the red envelopes to reflect the warm China warmth. Throughout the &;