Performance artist BaiRuiTong died had joined “plain guerrillas”

performance artist BaiRuiTong

BaiRuiTong projected a famous performing artists in the early hours of yesterday morning because of illness in changchun, died at the age of 76. She has joined “plain guerrillas” & other Cui ping & throughout; . After the heroic sons and daughters, mother asked me to get married, “ancient bell” and so on dozens of play a role in the film.

BaiRuiTong, born in 1937 in Beijing. Graduated from the central bureau, the performing arts institute (formerly the Beijing film academy). At the age of 18, was projected a selected, as in “plain guerrillas” & other; Cui ping & throughout; One horn, became part of the projected. In “plain guerrillas”, she starred in and played including “silent trees” “National Day” at ten o ‘clock the heroic sons and daughters of the prairie alba, a number of classic, roles are mostly pretty lively girl image. After the 80 s, and gradually fade out cinema, home xiangfujiaozi, sun ao dubbed film dubbing work for her husband, provide a comprehensive range of support and help. Due to lung cancer in early February 15, 2013 in changchun. At the age of 76.

bo le Sue the

in 1955, graduated from Beijing film performance art institute, Beijing film academy performance) BaiRuiTong, with its fresh appearance is Sue directors in the phase, and let her play in “plain guerrillas” cui ping. The screen image of the successful model, make young BaiRuiTong a minor celebrity, and thus made with the father and daughter suri’s profound friendship. Remember at the beginning time, BaiRuiTong said: & other; The couple in the dry daughter, am I with him & lsquo; Don’t act, real life & rsquo; And so on many teachings, I was able to progress quickly. Throughout the &; Sue is director of the BaiRuiTong in serious acting, clinging to play up a chance to help others.

a friend sun ao

because Sue, in 1956, BaiRuiTong and sun ao abode in changchun, despite the objection to projected. The fame, BaiRuiTong far less sun ao. Although in nearly 50 plays roles in TV and movies, but there is little, but not BaiRuiTong value fame. Sun ao body appear problem, she had decided to retire at the age of 50. & other; Sun ao and work is very busy at that time, to dub, as dubbed film director, and star in a feature film. He is the voice of kung fu, sometimes not sleeping he also want to memorize lines. After his illness, every day I go to projected pick-up, will give him to send meal, comrades all laughed at me from the film actor into a nanny. Throughout the &; Silently pay for love, not plan returns to support sun ao and career, BaiRuiTong love and insist is worthy of that year decided to go to the projected sun ao that under & other; You go I will go with you. Throughout the &;