Performance artist play “groan” sound around wuhan was stopped by traffic police (FIG.)

wei yuan behavior art

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wei yuan behavior art “groan”

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works “rotten apple”

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On the top of the van, mount four loudspeakers, constantly playing & other; Moaning & throughout; Voice, driving the van, nearly four hours, along the main street of wuhan around a circle. This is the wuhan youth performance artist “groan” wei yuan’s works. Recently, wei solo exhibition “young Wei Jinjiang” held in wuhan Yangtze river BBS, one seemingly & other; Weird & throughout; Work, is a performance artist demonstrates the unique thinking.

embarrassment: traffic police stopped & other; Moaning & throughout; Van

According to artist wei yuan, this is called “groan” works, works of art is a behavior, recorded by means of image. In march this year, he rented a van, installed in the van four 50 w loudspeakers, and, from hundreds of movie clips out & other; Moaning & throughout; Voice, made into a continuous audio. He hired two master, a responsible for driving, a responsible for regulating the volume of the speaker, he is to take in the rear. & other; Moaning & throughout; Van from national highway, through valley, Yangtze river bridge, be yuan temple, zhongshan road, the Yangtze river tunnel, xudong, east lake of pear and other places, all the way back to the starting point. Take 233 minutes to 45 seconds.

The reporter sees in the shooting video, the strange noise from the speakers, has attracted the attention of many people, there are people fear to avoid. In the position of the Yangtze river bridge, the van was stopped by traffic police. Wei yuan memories, when the traffic police to let them not to play for the city.

: the subversion of conventional art

In addition to the work, other work, also let ordinary audience feeling a little surprised. Works “rotten apple” in 2012, wei yuan bought an apple back to wuhan from New York, after waiting for natural decay, let his friend eat, as a performance artist lee meteor. Booth a flattened cockroaches, also works, from the work name, audience didn’t know the content of the work: “put a dead cockroach from Hong Kong back to the mainland”.

Born in 1983 in hubei honghu wei yuan, in 2005, graduated from hubei academy of fine arts oil painting department, wuhan a university teaching now. & other; In fact, I did not want to express what intention, or tell the audience what reason. Work is just my personal feeling, such as “groan”, I hope the private voice broadcast in public, I think it is very interesting, what do you understand. Throughout the &; Wei said.

Reporter saw, to visit the exhibition of the audience, mostly is the insider. For these works, they did not have too much doubt, occasional communication.

From hubei MeiShuYuan ZuoJi plants for “groan” said the work is not very understand, & other; Feel very noisy, as soon as she entered the hall, for the contents of the piece, did not look closely & throughout; . But for the behavior of avant-garde art, she was able to accept it. & other; Perhaps a performance artist & lsquo; Abnormal & rsquo; , is normal. Throughout the &;