Performance artist public lose 15 pounds on eat and drink pull scatter (map)

wang stood on the electronic scale

wang jun to eat on the electronic scale

& ndash; & ndash; Wang Junyong weight-loss innuendo era disease

hear & other; Lose weight & throughout; 2 words, your mind will think of many, many, but certainly it is hard to think of, recorded by camera monitoring the process of reducing weight. On 18 March to April 18, sponsored by the home inns hotel group to sponsor, and h hotel, time machine image center, tianjin teda museum of contemporary art, premise planning team independent planning execution, artist wang jun personal project “weight loss plan – 15” was held in Beijing and h 798 art project site.

artist wang jun behavior art “weight loss plan – 15”, will be based in electronic scale, with cameras monitored 24 hours recording the weight loss process, detailed records every day to lose weight, temperature and time, feelings, and detailed data for a day, in the case of not configured lost 15 pounds, never down the electronic scale. 24 hours for the audience and artist communication, didn’t end after 15 kg weight loss success.