Peru embryo fossils of dinosaur eggs 71 million years ago

(reporter Guo-ying zhang), according to Peru’s media reported 1, province castilla Arequipa Peru south cory ray recently discovered a 71 million – year – old town in 75 million to contain embryo fossils of dinosaur eggs. This discovery to the attention of the local government and archaeology.

town mayor cory ray Manuel & middot; Mr Arpaio said, on June 28, a construction site in cory ray town, a worker found when clicking a & other; Quick go & throughout; Embryo fossils of dinosaur eggs. Look from fossils show picture, the dinosaur fossil embryo about 10 cm long, the head and sharp.

& other; Quick go & throughout; Latin for & other; A thief in the agile & throughout; , it is a small carnivorous dinosaur, live s in late cretaceous, about adult & other; Quick go & throughout; Generally 1.8 meters long, action is very agile, large brain capacity, coupled with the front and hind legs are long have very sharp claws, so is a highly lethal carnivorous dinosaurs.

it is reported that ten years ago, in the province of Arequipa grams of ruhr region dinosaur footprint fossils have been found.