Photographer in the eyes of homesickness sentiment: homesickness only one never gets old

since was born in the southern weekend, a lifetime can’t get rid & ndash; & ndash; We leave home again and again and again and again to write his homesickness. Home is the place where we are anxious to get rid of and ultimately to yearn for. We actually difficult to really know her, just as it is difficult for us to really know themselves. So the homesickness never grow old. We in the countless times towards and away from her walk, body involved with her pain. Everyone had the pain, the whole human too, so philosophy was born, and images, run down all of this.

MengXi: this photo contains a delicate and profound despair, reinforced by the elegant calligraphy this despair. Here, the ghost itself into the nostalgia of the object. Homesickness is for specific people, things, things, and from then on, towards a more profound spiritual world and the historical space and time. Figure/w wall

silent latitude: stretching over this photo was taken in Inner Mongolia. The author on from east to west across the northern border of dozens of ordinary town village, look for homesickness. The native or foreign land? All the way from the image suggests that the photographer not cut adrift, so-called home, but is the last leg of drift; Photos record the drift of what is not only, also a record of a creature of the journey. Figure/YouLi

my extended family: a photographer has experienced various changes in life, go exotic locales, see the light in the world of the utilitarian, feng youlan gradually to the precious life and affection. So back to the old country, through such a set of photos, restore a normal, simple and warm home. Figure/JinHua

fang: this photo was taken in gannan Tibetan autonomous prefecture, gansu province. The fact is, though it is, the other is home. Blurred images do not attempt to express what the real information, but convey the photographer self-referential & other; Heart is like & throughout; . In the picture, the heart back to hometown. Figure/Liu Jinxun