Photographer into Ukraine for seven years Moral distorted pictures with an interrogation room charges

in the academic and literature review, & other; Throughout the trial &; This word usually express meaning neutral, but it is more brutal and compulsive personality. But Donald Weber’s new book, “the trial”, is itself to power & other prevailing eastern European countries; Throughout the trial &; , the Canadian photographer trying to show they imposed on society at all levels of violence and helpless.

here in the interrogation room scene

in the interrogation room scene is shown above, the author deeply the Soviet union and Ukraine for seven years, to make friends with ordinary officers and obtain their trust, only captured these photos. Photos of tone bleak and gloomy and cold. Suspects detained door sit in the empty room, face full of fear, shame and helpless. A suspected of stealing in the supermarket suddenly burst into tears. Trial progress not smooth, a car theft suspect was trapped on the table, his hands in a weak voice hiding & ndash; & ndash; The gun to his head.

Weber said these scenarios are very common. Officer in charge of the trial are & other; Respected people in different departments & throughout; , he said. & other; They don’t have the background of the prominent, these are just their duties. Let me think so powerful is not only a few rough police. This is a standard practice, that is the case. This is the result of wayward bureaucrats. Throughout the &;

from a certain sense, this is the regulation of eastern Europe after the collapse of the Soviet union countries moral distortions. But on the other hand, Weber is in a dramatic way to clarify & ndash; & ndash; How execution of state power in the world. French photographer Louis Althusser officer with meet in the street when the example of image represents our submission and national authority. The officer, Althusser wrote, loudly shouted: & other; You, stop! Throughout the &; & hellip; & hellip; If I conceived the theoretical situation really happened in the street, was that man will look back. On the surface it is a one hundred and eighty degree turn, actually represents his obedience to authority.

this subject & ndash; & ndash; The conquest of & ndash; & ndash; In Weber’s photography works show incisively and vividly. Even in mature democracies, people always feel without hide something before the law, it is a kind of only through due process standardization and habeas corpus act to slightly reduce the weaknesses. Weber said: & other; This is not just a Ukrainian or Russian or even in the former Soviet union, but with a form of primitive and festivals observation modern nations throughout the &; .

photos on how to implement and realize the interpretation of state power is quite dark, but reflects the whole post-soviet the opinions of the world. The communist party of Soviet union has been in the past twenty years, the majority of Ukraine and the Soviet union had on the government’s commitment to free market capitalism and multi-party democracy lost confidence. This disillusionment in politics to a great extent originates from the two countries known as corrupt and despotic elite characters. But it also shows a deeper darkness: people subconsciously think, perhaps, in power consciousness, whatever the form always there will be an interrogation room, there will always be harsh and the amount of hidden also hangs over all of us.

& other; Throughout the trial &; By Schilt press released this month. Weber’s series of works in recently won the 55th world press photo contest (jose) : portrait and grants the first prize.

portrait news group first prize: Donald Weber “interrogation room”

in the past six months, Maxim became a police informant. In the figure he is Ukraine Dneprodzerzhinsk the police station for questioning. He was accused of recruiting teenagers to help him steal the audio and video. Although informants identity can make him from going to jail, but he was admitted to in a few days into the prison. Photographer Donald Weber won the 55th world press photo contest for the figure portrait news group of the first prize.

interrogation room