Picasso about distress: creation much easier than to end

s Picasso and Jacqueline in studio. Picasso old age still maintained a strong artistic creativity, how much related to the women’s

Picasso had told his friend about his creation of distress: & other; To start, much easier than to end. Throughout the &; The talents of was born nearly die & other Start & throughout; But so optimistic, but to & other; Throughout the end &; Be careful, really didn’t think of letting a person. However, perhaps because he is keen on & other; Start & throughout; , the planet’s & other; Art melody & throughout; Happened & other; Modulation & throughout; .

go for a walk to see

don’t stop at the starting point of the

these two days, & other; Picasso & throughout; Name is overwhelming in Shanghai. Someone who said don’t know much about; Someone got speak very fashionable. Someone said the hype is too fierce; Have talk a revenue; Also someone says ZhanKan don’t understand, but see the China pavilion is very economical & hellip; & hellip; Of course, more people are thinking, but also more than once thought, Picasso can live longer if some & hellip; & hellip; Many people say: & other; Picasso’s work is still hard to understand directly. Throughout the &; This is to Picasso’s praise and fall. But people should feel ashamed of contemporary art. Master died more than thirty years, you still parked near the starting point, he founded is & other; A rare genius & throughout; , or it’s too hard walk this road?

in Picasso’s 130th anniversary, & other; Throughout 2011, Picasso exhibition &; In Shanghai, 62 master authentic, is a visual feast. Although, many people know him, by various means, directly or indirectly, had seen his work. But the vast majority of the audience to understand he has only the starting point. Follow the stream of people to enter the pavilion, be sure to know about the content of the paintings behind seriously, don’t stop at the entrance, go for a walk.

from blue to pink

a wizards birth story

the plentiful cable & middot; Connor les once wrote: & other; Pablo Picasso (name) was born is blue. Only when Salvador & middot; Ruiz & middot; Bob lasker vigorously rub his feet doctors before into pink. On October 25, 1881, pablo almost died because of suffocation. His uncle delayed until his death on April 8, 1973. Throughout the &; This is a statement of the Picasso was born in, also suggests that the two important period of his early image creation.

the artist’s son, naturally inherited his father’s brush. It is said that he is one of the earliest can say a few words of & other Pencil & throughout; , to a pencil to scribble all over. He himself admits, childhood seldom play the game up to date, most of the time is used for drawing and thinking. Thanks to Picasso’s mother collection attentively, master childhood graffiti is preserved. In the above, we can already see the shape of the dove and the our very own bullfight or toro (bull). Picasso’s affection for the both symbols from beginning to end, never stops.

malaga heavenly scenery, father’s unique way of painting, female family members to his love, and the body andalusian blood flow, has an important influence on the boy’s future.

problem is & ndash; & ndash; He doesn’t know forward end

& other; Behind closed doors & throughout; Also can open up

when study master’s people always like to him, often say & other; So-and-so works is the creation of twist & throughout; . But in my opinion, so cut the artist’s life, a somewhat arbitrary.

for artists, innovation is the impulsion of continued to write. Picasso will never be any popular & other; Socialist & throughout; Bondage, he saw, but how can more freely express. Not only with paint, clay, even the roadside pick up to the basket, with torn white paper, can become the carrier of its artistic thinking. In the spacious studio, he is like a child on a variety of novel try, every time is like an adventure. The problem is & ndash; & ndash; He don’t know where is the end of the forward, because that way no one ever walked.

fortunately, god gave him a lot of time, let the & other; Restless & throughout; The & other; The pioneers & throughout; Cultivate senior level with the forbidden area of art. He changed people’s prejudices to art works, to later generations.