Picasso’s masterpiece has died in the bin Thieves confessed steals pin drawing process (figure)

Picasso’s “the mouth beans pigeons,”

Matisse priests and woman

Paris museum of modern art theft of five paintings, including pablo & middot; Pablo Picasso, Henry & middot; Matisse painting masters such as might have been a criminal suspect after the destruction of the trash. Five paintings worth hundreds of millions of euros. If the suspect is true, it will become one of the world history of catastrophe.

suspects arrested in connection with

On May 20,

last night, a thief broke into the museum of modern art in Paris, stole five world famous paintings, including Picasso’s “the pigeons mouth beans”, ah mui Mr & middot; Modigliani’s a fan of the woman, the French painter Matisse priests and woman, George & middot; “Mr Stark black olive tree near and fernand & middot; The still life and the candlestick of leger.

the police spent a year, including mobilizing private detective company search in the global scope, finally caught a main suspect and two places to the suspect.

information released by the police, broke into the museum is the Serbian virei Yang & middot; T. Virei Yang is 43 years old, is a & other; Art lovers & throughout; Paris, may enter a private mansions caught stealing. Subsequently, 56, art dealer jani – michelle & middot; C and 34 watchmaker Jonathan & middot; B successively.

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the UK, the daily mail reported Thursday, virei Yang alias & other; Spiderman & throughout; , was arrested after detailed confessed to the police to the Paris museum of modern art.

virei Yang during the commit crime to live near the museum, the museum during the day the window screws loosen, the evening with a tool to unlock, destroy the prison cell, and then into the broken window. Virei young said, he was just going to steal a leger painting, but to his surprise, he dive into the museum after did not trigger the anti-theft alarm system. So he in the museum & other; Browse & throughout; For 1 hour, 30 through surveillance camera, chose another 4 picture, he likes them to be removed from the frame were stolen.

French journal du dimanche reported citing a judiciary: & other; He felt modigliani (virei Yang) the painting is the most beautiful. Throughout the &;

Paris museum of modern art installation precision alarm systems and CCTV, the night of the crime and three guards on duty.

or already destroyed

virei Yang was arrested for the art dealer jani – michelle’s name, the reason is that he did not get our fair share of 36000 euros ($48800).

jani – michelle has claimed to the police virei Yang without the permission of his, put the pictures in his shop. Then he put the paintings sold watchmaker Jonathan, and Jonathan said to his mention of several of the children of Israel are interested in purchasing these paintings.

but Jonathan deny jani – Michael, he told the police, to hear the news of the other two people were arrested, out of fear, he put the trash after damaged these priceless paintings.

London art lost registry said, in view of the value of art, the artist’s remarkable achievements and good image of the museum, this is & other; One of the most serious art heist in the history of & throughout; . (xinhua)