Plastic surgeon perform live female breast enhancement surgery TV broadcast live (FIG.)


recently, asaps Han Xiao said, the head of the plastic hospital, they will be held on the 12th afternoon a special & other; Performance art & throughout; And by means of a kind of tender feeling for art lovers interpretation of the so-called & other; Performance art & throughout; . 12 in the afternoon, the reporter all watched Han Xiao behavior art “surgery”.

at 2 PM on May 12, the surgery: Han Xiao behavior art exhibition in jinan asaps pavilion, cosmetic surgery hospital, the original Han Xiao behavior art, is a female breast augmentation surgery, and the procedure will be broadcast live on TV and over the same network. The crossover behavior art also attract a lot of people in the industry, academic, deputy director of the central academy of fine arts gallery, critics, curators Wang Chunchen, editor and critic Wu Hong, art the context of the tsinghua university youth critic Duan Jun, cafa critics Liu Libin, China academy of art critics HangChunXiao, have appeared in the scene view of the art of behavior.

the duration of the performance art is about an hour, the butcher, by Han Xiao himself throughout the & other; Performance art & throughout; The reporter noticed that during surgery does not happen too & other; Bloody & throughout; Plot, the whole during the operation, the blood loss in patients undergoing surgery is only about 15 ml. Academic, deputy director of the central academy of fine arts gallery, domestic famous curators, critics Wang Chunchen told reporters: & other; When surgery is art, the visual feast is the best combination of art and sense of shock, the whole behavior of visual experience has a different impact. Throughout the &;