Players to collect 2.4 meters tall prehistoric silicified wood estimates about 1 million (FIG.)

two meters long and weighs about 1 ton of petrified wood fossils in folk does not see more, Huang Shitie mountainous area residents is filled in 2005 years by accident, let him start a minor celebrity in Yellowstone stone collectors. A few days ago, ChengGuiLin first foreign opened the mysteries of the fossil.

this huge silicified wood is placed in ChengGuiLin home in the middle of the sitting room, dark yellow color, texture clear, shaped like a graceful girl, vicissitudes of life and quiet. It is found in 2005. ChengGuiLin said, was his classmate in wuhan yangluo a construction site when the project supervision, one day construction group of excavator was a large stone stuck in homework, his classmate immediately to stop the construction. Know ChengGuiLin like enjoying stone, students make a phone call to tell him. & other; Overall had a 10 m, and got the intermediate cut I was back to 2.4 meters, only later to find out when the has been poached by other. Throughout the &; When it comes to that year, ChengGuiLin says sadly.

by China university of geosciences (wuhan), the petrified wood has jade, preliminary judgment 200 million-year-old Yu Wannian. ChengGuiLin find information research, found that the formation of petrified wood fossils needs certain geological conditions, if containing silica in the strata, geological movement trees are silica long-term immersion of sinking to the rock is likely to form the silicified wood. As for specific what kind of trees are silicification, he is still uncertain. He only know that the silicified wood fossil is the largest one in Yellowstone, an estimated value of 1 million yuan. (chutian times reporter hai-feng liu)