“Poet du fu” a parody comic author: images of textbooks

above, the original du fu, netizens deduction right for series of graffiti and other Du fu is very busy & throughout; .

Internet parody of du fu’s life

du fu, male, famous poets in the tang dynasty, the han nationality, the word beauty, he du ShaoLing &industry, du, du fu, etc., from number ShaoLing YeLao, born in 712, died in 770, engaged in AD 2012 & hellip; & hellip;

report from our correspondent (reporter Liu Yajing) in Chinese schools are required courses this has such a picture: a face of solemn & other; Great poet-saint & throughout; Du fu sitting on the rock, bones, likewise. The illustrated by the late Mr Figure painting master Jiang Zhaohe drawing, as he still classic image. , the poet might have never thought of in 1300’s birth anniversary of himself as a re-invention & other; Illustrations throughout model &; First, from the textbook on the run to the network.

at that time, the poet drive motorcycle ride a white horse, water selling watermelon & hellip; & hellip; Net friend said, & other; Estimated to du fu, throughout the high school Chinese textbook are out of stock &; .

busy du fu in 2012

& other; Du fu, male, the famous tang dynasty poet, han ethnic group, the word beauty, he du ShaoLing &industry, du, du fu, etc., from number ShaoLing YeLao, was born in 712, died in 770 AD, is busy in 2012 AD. Throughout the &; Press search found that Internet has begun to pop up the latest introduction of du fu.

in du fu’s & other; Busy & throughout; 2012 years, netizens fraudsters & ndash; & ndash; In their works, du fu played a sniper, send water work, muscle man, short skirt girl, and even more difficult as much as soldiers, captain jack and other film or cartoon characters. Some paintings also joined the & other; World of warcraft & throughout; Such as scene, or a & other; Li bai & throughout; People such as guest.

du fu thatched cottage called for respect for

great poet-saint shortly after the 1300th anniversary, some serious cultural activists to spoof du fu. Prepares for the commemoration of the du fu thatched cottage in chengdu says some spoof du fu graffiti is & other; Throughout the indecent &; , calling for the net friend of du fu and keep respect traditional culture.

after the du fu thatched cottage museum public discontent, the poetry association in henan province Ma Xinchao yesterday in a statement, said du fu’s spirit is the light of the national spirit, not allowed to ruin his image.

netizen: graffiti for decompression

however, more netizens tend to see the event as in recent years popular in Asia, Europe and the United States and other Comic relief & throughout; The wind, to vent by graffiti. We have learned, in & other; Du fu is very busy & throughout; Later, netizens creation & other; Li bai defy spirit throughout the &; Series of graffiti also appeared, and further to the image of li shangyin and others.

manga authors cauliflower childe told reporters, said the incident is not to denigrate du fu image or disrespect, more reflected in the school student and netizens desire for textbooks to create characters. He also believes that the ancients in the textbook image unchanged for many years, it is difficult to meet the aesthetic need of students growing up in pop culture, students want to create & other; Entertainment to relax & throughout; Can understand.

& other; A few years ago, a net friend deliberately take language and history textbook of character image comparison, find pictures of wang xizhi, su dongpo, du fu, such as characters, eyebrow eye, facial expression and Angle are almost identical, mostly serious, heavy, just different hats and clothes. Throughout the &; , he says, maybe people should rethink, teaching material should be fuller more surface characters.