“Poet du fu” portrait notoriously change to the lakers’ kobe Bryant (FIG.)

the original “up” a poem and its pictures

prince arthas

suddenly & ndash; & ndash; The Los Angeles lakers player kobe Bryant

(reporter may increase) du fu turns into a hand & other; Frostmourne & throughout; Fallen prince arthas, play of kobe on the court the lakers shirt, with the flying tiger assault rifle over his shoulder, the wizard on a broom & hellip; & hellip; Recently, the groups & other; Du fu is very busy & throughout; The Chinese textbook of graffiti pictures circulated online, cause people. Netizens have said such a spoof behaviour is blasphemy to culture, to resist.

phenomenon playback: du fu portrait falsified

high winds days ape to scream, cry, zhu qing Elizabeth Barbara ohm birds fly back. The boundless forest sheds its leaves shower by shower. The endless river rolls its waves hour after hour. Thousands of miles away, come into my autumn often sick one hundred alone on the stage. Lead a new hard bitterness numerous temples, stop of unstrained wine or liquor cup. It was a period of the tang dynasty poet du fu great realism of the famous poem & ndash; & ndash; “High”. Du fu side sat down on a stone, and the wind carried the head slightly, with hesitation. This is Chinese schools are required courses in the pictures of du fu’s “up” a poem, a lot of people in this poem the scene in the mind.

however, let many people now in this psalm & other Fresh & throughout; Is another thing.

recently, circulated online groups “climb” a poem and its pictures, poems or the poem, but the poet du fu changed shape. Hand & other; Frostmourne & throughout; Fallen prince arthas, play of kobe on the court the lakers shirt, shoulder the flying tiger submachine gun, wizard on a broom & hellip; & hellip; This is du fu form & other; Image & throughout; .

Internet voice: parody is blasphemy to culture

coincided with the poet du fu’s 1300th birthday this year, someone so spoof on du fu’s portrait, incurring the wrath of the people, are offered to resist such a parody.

Internet & other; Eaves tiles & throughout; Said: & other; Kuso culture, through the characters, reflects the current fickleness of an era, a kind of social mentality, a realistic situation & ndash; & ndash; It happened on realism poet du fu, don’t be meaningful! Throughout the &;

& other; La la fly eligere” Said: du fu as a poet, he still so spoof him, though the ancient people died, also have a personality, tread on the personality of the elders, so are some inappropriate. Throughout the &;

& other; Du you month & throughout; Said: & other; People make fun of your fathers you will happy? Please self-respect! Throughout the &;

& other; Very boring! Patriotism is so let you doodle! 5000 years of Chinese traditional virtues? To you speechless! Throughout the &; The net friend & other; Learn not BOBO” Said.

& other; So a spoof poet, that is the culture of blasphemy. Throughout the &; The net friend & other; Dignity throughout the world &; Said.