Poet he renounced his Nobel Prize to political Keep the doubt is writing motivation

GuChuanJun aso

GuChuanJun aso, born in 1931, the Japanese poets, translators and playwright, was born in Kyoto. Is the son of Japanese philosopher and literary theorist GuChuanChe three, 21 publishing debut 20 light years of loneliness. He wrote a total of more than 60 radio plays, drama, film and television play; Translated many foreign nursery rhymes, created a great number of very popular nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and picture books. One of the most well known of his works is hayao miyazaki’s animated film “Hal moving castle” theme song “the provisions of the world”. In December 2011, he received the highest prize for poetry in Chinese folk & other; ZhongKun international poetry prize & throughout; .

vanguard’s sayings

poetry writing has never been the experience of suffering and struggle, but the marriage make me hurt several times.

I’m open to give up the Nobel Prize, because of my claim is, I don’t accept any political background of the award.

power of poetry writing is every day I remain sceptical of poetry, the doubt that I wrote today.

the international herald Tribune reporter Yang mei chrysanthemum internship reporter liu, li-hong chai Beijing when the little old man walked on stage in Japan, you can see him almost monks general cleaning, his steps quietly, as quietly as a cat, but this kind of quiet makes everything around didn’t interest. His recitation of accompanying music, has a childlike delight in the slow tone, he must not the first time in the long stone let music reading this first “the provisions of the world”, is the same but the lethal tender fresh & ndash; & ndash; More than 60 years to write poetry is the first duty of a career, as if it never happened, the only eternal existence, only the 17-year-old reaches 20 light years of loneliness.

just like his contemporaries middleman, was born in 1931 GuChuanJun aso has witnessed war, then experience the Japanese economy big rise. But the dramatic changes of the outside world and the hustle and bustle of the public mood does not seem to affect his heart with writing, as a poet, he seems to be the present age keep subtle and constant distance and trying to escape from & other; The present & throughout; Brings to his tie. But at the same time, he seems to be all poets and Japan with the time, the social interaction in one of the most intimate & ndash; & ndash; His poems into the women’s magazines, business magazines, enter the anime, music industry, was printed on the T-shirt and decorations. At the scene of the interview, he even shows us a on sale in the APP Store & other; Poetry fishing & throughout; Flash software: a glowing spray stream, with different poetry named the fish swimming, catch a fish, found a very small poem & hellip; & hellip;

in a poem called “introduction”, a 81 – year – old GuChuanJun aso so frankly to terrible to describe yourself: I am a short bald man//between more than half a century with nouns, verbs, auxiliary, adjectives and question mark/polish language life together today; I prefer silence to say/I like all kinds of tools//but, also like trees and shrubs I don’t remember their names; I’m not interested in the old days/hold antipathy for authority/I have a pair of strabismus and have astigmatism presbyopia & hellip; & hellip;

passive writing

the international herald Tribune: I heard that you are passively on a path to poetry?

GuChuanJun aso: I first started writing is passive, rather than because of love. I have a friends, colleagues in magazine is under his persuasion I began to write poetry, I should be 17 years old, the only hobby is to assemble the radio, then I simply refused to go to college. But because my father is Japanese famous philosopher, critic, or President of thammasat university, he says you don’t go to school? Fortunately, at that time I have been silently in the notebook to write poems. I took the poem I wrote to dad, and he himself also write poetry, but around there are a lot like kawabata, shiga straight zai, miyoshi astronomer to cure such good friends. My dad put me write poems to the merit of watch, he saw much appreciation, said a 17-year-old lad can write such a good poem, is recommended for the literary magazine was the most authoritative, shot to fame.